Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ergo Made Easy: Simple Products, Huge Difference!

Ergonomic office products don't have to be complicated. Reputable brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Symmetry Office are working hard to minimize the learning curve with new and innovative workplace solutions. Today on the blog we'll highlight user friendly ergo products that simplify comfort and maximize comfort. Enjoy!

Arti Series Office Chair 6673-2First up, the 6673-2 Arti series office chair from Global Total Office. This cutting edge chair articulates like the human spine and allows the chair back to reshaped itself to mimic the users profile. The 6673-2 Arti automatically responds to body movements and sitting positions to minimize the need for constant adjusting. To make a long story short, this chair makes it easy to find a reliable sit with minimal effort. We give the 6673-2 Arti chair 5 out of 5 stars!

Mayline RGE Height Adjustable DeskLike the song says, "You gotta get up to get down". This year it's all about the sit to stand desk movement. Brands like Mayline are making it easy to reduce fatigue and improve blood flow with push button desks like those from their new RGE collection. Sit to stand stations promote continuous movement in the workplace and help users avoid extended sits that can actually shorten your lifespan. Once thought of as high end, techy products, sit to stand desks are rapidly becoming the industry standard.

Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray
Compute at correct angles with minimal effort by using an articulating keyboard tray from Symmetry Office. Keyboard trays like the BALANCE-3-TSS allow users to quickly switch from sitting to standing positions. Symmetry keyboard trays are incredibly easy to use and install in minutes. These handy tools will instantly create more usable desk space while helping your reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

CPU HolderIf you're tired of banging your knees on the CPU every time you slide your chair in and out from underneath your desk, rest assured, you're not alone! Thankfully, brands like ESI have just the solution! Their user friendly CPU mounts attach underneath desk surfaces on retractable glides. You can pull your CPU in to place when need, and slide it out of the way while you work. Having your CPU off the ground protects your digital files from flood damage. Locking units will even protect you against theft! These simple yet effective products are a must consider for any modern workspace.

Ergonomic Foot RestSimple, affordable, effective! An adjustable ergonomic foot rest will reduce fatigue and improve personal performance without breaking the bank. Most of today's top ergonomic product manufacturers offer cost effective foot rests that should be budgeted for during any office makeover project. As simple as it sounds, integrating a foot rest will actually help improve efficiency throughout those tough days. Stop using the base of your chair as a foot rest. Avoid crossing your feet out in front of you while computing. These bad habits restrict blood flow and limit performance potential. With an adjustable foot rest, you'll be able to keep your feet, legs, and knees in sync for posture perfect performance.

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