Wednesday, April 13, 2016

5 Reasons To Love Global Total Office In 2016

Brands like Global Total Office regularly raise the bar and push the limits. This industry leading innovator takes pride in crafting high quality ergonomic office chairs and the modular furniture collections needed to transform professional interiors into works of functional art. Today on the blog, we'll highlight 5 reasons to love Global in 2016. Enjoy!

1.) Smart Chairs

G20 Smart Chair from Global Total Office

It's all about the "smart chair" in 2016! As seating manufacturers look to minimize the ergonomic learning curve, smart chairs that reduce the need for adjusting are rapidly becoming the industry standards. New Global Total Office seating solutions like the Arti and G20 come standard with the high tech mechanisms needed to help you sit posture perfect with minimal effort. These cutting edge chairs automatically adjust to body weight and respond to your movements. All this results in less time adjusting and more time handling those important tasks around the office.

2.) Connectable Training Tables

2gether Training Table by Global Total Office

Save time and space with connectable training tables from Global Total Office. New table collections like 2gether have become the go-to option for design teams and industry professionals. These flip top training tables can be quickly connected to form classroom layouts, or used individually to meet the specific needs of any task. Other popular connectable table lines from Global like Bungee even offer the components needed to create fully functional conference room environments. Connectable tables from Global Total Office will no doubt kick office productivity and performance into high gear.

3.) Modular Lounge Furniture

Modular Lounge Furniture from Global Total Office

Tired of the same old sofa and lounge chair configurations overly utilized in guest waiting areas? If so, you'll love what Global is doing in 2016. This year, their modular lounge and reception seating collections are making it easy to create one of a kind seating layouts. New collections like River and Citi Square are a must consider for any business looking to maximize square footage. With unique components and a seemingly unlimited array of upholstery options, these new seating lines are set to take 2016 by storm.

4.) Powered Conference Tables

Zira Conference Furniture

Power up your professional meeting areas in 2016 with the help of Global Total Office. Their recently refined Zira conference furniture collection will help streamline your strategy sessions in no time. These customizable power tables can be equipped with HDMI, USB, Phone, Audio, Ethernet, and AC input options. Zira tables are available in a wide range of size, shape, and finish options to meet your specific decor needs. These advanced conference room tables are the best in the business. While most of today's powered furniture lines are difficult to spec and plan for, Global's Zira line makes for a smooth transition into a high tech space!

5.) Open Desking

Global Total Office Princeton Desking

The days of using traditional cubicle and panel furniture configurations are rapidly coming to an end. This year design teams, furniture manufacturers, and businesses are working together to create awesome open desking layouts. What's so great about open desking? First and foremost, open desking helps promote collaboration and group interaction that's sure to bring your team together. Open desking layouts will make your business more functional and productive in no time. Popular Global collections like Princeton offer the open desking components needed to outfit interiors both small and large. This best selling furniture line from Global Total Office offers an industrially inspired look with a hint of retro. If you're considering a full work floor makeover in 2016, Princeton is definitely worth a look.

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