Monday, April 25, 2016

Furniture Fashion: Trending Upholstery and Finish Options of 2016

Don't settle for a lack luster interior! With the tips, tricks, and workplace fashion advice from the blog, you'll be ready to earn your office environments the compliments they deserve. Today we'll be showcasing 2016's hottest upholstery and finish options. These designer colors will wow your valued visitors while kicking corporate appeal in to high gear. Enjoy!

Absolute Acajou Woodgrain FinishZira Conference TableGlobal Total Office took the furniture world by storm with their ultra cool Absolute Acajou finish option. This gray wood grain tone looks fantastic on professional conference room tables, reception stations, and executive office desk layouts. As gray rapidly becomes the new black, look for this hot finish to continue it's rise to the top in 2016.

Barbadine Celedon Fabric SwatchYou can be bright and bold while showcasing your personality. Want to know how? With the upholstery options from the iDesk seating collection! The trend setting chairs from this innovative line are available in affordable and colorful grade 2 fabric options that won't break the budget. The upholsteries from the iDesk Barbadine collection have become go to options for industry professionals and design teams in 2016. Swanky Barbadine colors like Celedon and Persimmon work well with a wide range of metal and wood grain tones. Check out the Oroblanco and Ambarella chairs from the iDesk collection save a buck while improving visual appeal.

Medina Office DeskThe Medina office furniture collection from Mayline combines modern and traditional design characteristics to form one of the most well rounded lines on the market. Unique finish options like Textured Sea Salt provide a breath of fresh air when compared to the traditional cherry and maple tones overly utilized in years passed. As businesses look to showcase their personal style, Medina is ready to aid them in their quest to create the perfect look. This fashionable furniture line is a must consider for any upscale interior. The best part, Medina is incredibly affordable and the lineup of components is equally diverse. There's nothing you can't do with the highly respected furniture from Medina.

Red Office ChairRed rocks in 2016! As bright colors have always been popular, red office chairs are making a huge push in the workplace fashion world. Brands like Woodstock Marketing are capitalizing on this growing movement with contemporary chairs like the Ravi. These mid back conference room seating solutions are perfect for swanky meeting areas looking to leave a lasting impression. The Ravi provides a comfortable sit and unique red seat that's bold, without being too over the top. When paired with an attractive gray mesh back and black accents, the Ravi is sure to strike a chord with any shopper!

White Reception DeskOFM takes great pride in setting industry trends that others can only hope to imitate. Take one look at the curved receptionist desk configurations from their Marque collection and you'll see what we mean. These welcome stations look great from every angle. Marque desks are complimented by silver metal accents to create an industrial vibe that you're visitors will love. This year, OFM reception stations from the Marque collection were given a cool new white finish option that we absolutely love! A white reception desk will make your guest waiting area feel more open and far larger. When it comes to furniture fashion, you can't go wrong with white! These contemporary stations are selling like hot cakes in 2016.

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