Monday, April 4, 2016

Chair Compare: Hendrix vs. Joplin

Woodstock Marketing Joplin Chair
Woodstock Marketing Joplin Chair
Woodstock Marketing Hendrix Chair
Woodstock Marketing Hendrix Chair
Woodstock Marketing specializes in the provision of rock legend inspired chairs. This industry leader takes pride in crafting retro seating solutions that work perfectly in executive office environments and conference room settings. Today on 'Chair Compare' we'll host a showdown featuring two of their most popular models, the Hendrix and Joplin. Let's see which chair reigns supreme!


At first glance you'll see a lot of similarities between the Hendrix and Joplin chairs. The polished chrome arms and bases will impress your valued guests and earn your interiors the compliments they deserve. Both of these top notch chairs feature leather seating surfaces that promote a luxurious retro vibe. The Hendrix comes standard with a segmented cushion design while the Joplin boasts a ribbed back look thats become a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals. The popularity of the ribbed back look in 2016 gives the Joplin a slight edge in round 1.


The Hendrix and Joplin chairs both offer the ergonomic features needed to reach peak performance levels in the workplace. With pneumatic gas lifts, finding your desired operating height is achievable with the pull of a lever. The large casters are perfect for carpeted floors while the multi functional tilt mechanism helps keep users operating in posture perfect positions. With so many similarities, this was another close round. That being said, the Hendrix provides a more comfortable sitting experience with it's memory foam surfaces. These high and mid back seating solutions are the winner of round 2.


The mid back Hendrix series office chair is priced at $295.00 while the high back variation is slightly more expensive at $315.00. The mid back Joplin chair is available for $269.99 while high back models are currently running $299.00. Both chairs are available with coupons and special discount pricing at various retailers. Call you dealer of choice today. You'll likely be able to save 10% on your purchase. These two chairs from Woodstock Marketing provide exceptional value. Round 3 is a tie!


After 3 rounds were all tied up! Now let's see which one of these chairs is more versatile. Both the Hendrix and Joplin offer the space saving characteristics to maximize conference room seating potential. As the days of using overstuffed executive style conference chairs has come to an end, European style chairs like the Hendrix and Joplin have rapidly become the preferred choice for professional meeting areas. Additionally, the Hendrix and Joplin chairs are also great for executive applications. That being said, with it's memory foam seat, the Hendrix is a bit better suited for those long days at the office. As both models lack adjustable arms, they are not recommend for intensive tasking and computing applications. The Hendrix chair takes round 4 as its a bit more functional in private office settings.


After 4 rounds, we've determined that the Hendrix is a bit more comfortable and versatile. While the Joplin office chair collection offers more of a trend setting design, the Hendrix takes to today's 'Chair Compare' battle. All factors considered, you really can't go wrong with either of these two chairs. They both offer a retro look that's sure to make your interiors pop, along with the user friendly ergonomic features needed to operate at high levels. Kudos to Woodstock Marketing on both of these best selling chair lines.

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