Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To Create The Ultimate Boardroom in 2015

How To Create The Ultimate Boardroom
Want a create a stunning boardroom designed for the needs of your modern business? We can help! In today's post we'll highlight the tips, tricks, and products you'll need to design the ultimate boardroom in 2015. Enjoy!

Conference Room PowerAs the central focus piece of your boardroom, it's best to start your makeover by selecting a new table. This year, powered boardroom table solutions are the only way to go if you're looking to keep things on the cutting edge. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, Lesro Industries, and Cherryman Industries are paving the way for this trending movement. While basic power modules are available that feature phone and three prong inputs, if you want to take things over the top, a custom module is the way to go! Global's Zira tables can be equipped with Oasis modules ready to accept a variety of plug and play telecom plates. This year you're conference table can be configured with USB, HDMI, Audio, Phone, and Ethernet inputs that will take your space to the next level. Go with a powered boardroom table and set your meeting area up for success!

Boardroom Design Ideas
No matter the size of table you choose for your boardroom, you'll no doubt want to accent it with as many chairs as possible. This year, sleek seating like ribbed back conference room chairs are in! These trending chairs offer sleek design characteristics and a modern look that's sure to compliment your powered boardroom tables. Chairs like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing and the 11730B ribbed conference room chair from Offices To Go showcase this look to perfection. Even at first glance you'll see why these chairs have become so popular. In a nut shell, they're comfortable and they save a ton of space! Make the most of your space by adding sleek ribbed back chairs.

Modular Boardroom FurnitureIn the boardroom, seating is always at a premium! That being said, adding tablet arm chairs around the perimeter of your space will help you accommodate more guests comfortably. Tablet arm lounge seating like the Sirena from Global Total Office offer mobilized bases and lower level storage shelves to further boost the versatility of our space. While integrating any chairs around the perimeter of your space will help, seating solutions with tablet arms will provide your valued guests with useful writing surfaces to utilize during meetings. Tablet arm chairs are functional, comfortable, and down right cool!

in 2015, you'll want to tech-up your boardroom! Mounting a modern flat screen TV in your space will allow you to link up laptops and showcase your presentations in style. Wall mount TV options are widely available at electronics stores, but we recommend using a model from an ergonomic speciality  brand like ESI Ergonomic Solutions. Their versatile mounts adjust in a variety of helpful ways that will certainly be appreciated during meetings. Having a flat screen in the boardroom is also nice during office parties! As the boardroom will no doubt be the prime party location, a wall mounted TV will allow you to sync up music, games, and much more!

High Tech BoardroomOn your quest to create the ultimate boardroom in 2015, you'll certainly want to account for the visiting experience of your guests. To provide a welcoming and inviting meeting experience, consider adding a mobile refreshment cart. Stock your cart with drinks, snacks, and more to treat your visitors. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office have bolstered their product offerings in 2015 to include stylish mobile refreshment cart options that will match the finishes of their powered tables and accent furnishings.

Elliptical Conference Room TableOnce you've got the main elements above covered, it's time to accessorize! Take your boardroom to the next level by adding a folding white board cabinet to match your table. These boardroom tools certainly come in handy! Take things a step further by adding a matching wall cabinet for additional room storage. As you certainly won't want to leave stationary and presentation materials strewn about your boardroom, wall cabinets provide the perfect solution to your organizational needs. If you've already purchased a boardroom table and it doesn't have power, consider purchasing a portable power module like the Isle from Symmetry Office. These handy little stations can be moved around any space quickly and offer three prong outlets and USB inputs that you and your guests will certainly make use of during those long meetings! Lighting fixtures, area rugs, plants, and cool wall art can also be added at your leisure to boost appeal.

In the long run, the ultimate boardroom for your business may not be the ultimate boardroom for the competition. When designing your space, make sure to prioritize your businesses needs. Place a primary emphasis on comfort and functionality as these two factors are must haves for any well functioning space. Once you've created your space, consider what items will make it even more productive! The top furniture brands are regularly introducing cool new boardroom products that will help you keep your meeting interior evolving with the latest trends.

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