Monday, March 16, 2015

Life Behind the Desk: 7 Ergonomic Products for Improved Functionality

Life behind the desk is no easy task. With impractical office tools, inefficiency, unproductiveness, and even office-related pain can become a daily occurrence. However, with these top notch ergonomic devices, you and your workplace can be running smooth in no time. Today we highlight seven great products for improved office functionality. Enjoy!

Monitor Arm

Those suffering from office-related back and neck aches know the struggles of trying to play through the pain. Unfortunately, even something as simple as turning one's head repeatedly to view a computer screen can put the neck, shoulders, and upper-back muscles all out of whack, causing terrible chronic muscle cramps. This is where monitor arms save the day! Adding ergonomic monitor arms for computers is one of the best ways to improve an office workstation. These devices mount to walls or desks, saving space, and allowing users to adjust computer screens to a proper viewing position to prevent pain.

* Helpful Hint: The proper position for a computer screen is directly in front of the user at eye-level, about an arm's length away from the face. This helps ensure the body stays upright for optimal viewing and reduces the pain caused by improper posture.

Keyboard Tray

Arthritis, wrist pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome are just a few conditions that can worsen during regular office activity. The chief cause of these sorts of pain comes from improper typing practices. With the assistance of retractable keyboard platforms, users can adjust the tilt and distance of their keyboards to promote better wrist posture and blood flow, reducing pain. With the keyboard off the desk, users also get more surface space to work with, decreasing clutter and improving office efficiency.

Sit to Stand Desk

Ergonomic experts have discovered that sitting at a desk often promotes poor posture without the assistance of quality ergonomic chairs to pick up the slack. For this reason, adjustable standing desks are the perfect tool for sufferers of chronic office-related back pain. Because the human body is better equipped for long periods of standing than sitting, desks that can switch between the two are ideal. Working while standing promotes better health and posture, and has been reported to also increase focus and energy to promote workplace productivity!

* Helpful Hint: Standing desks are fabulous for reducing pain and maximizing potential, but don't forget that standing for long periods without a break can also result in leg and foot pain and poor blood circulation. Taking brief 30 minute sitting breaks every few hours provides a good respite for maximum health in the office.

CPU Holder

Tired of hitting your knees on the drive under your desk? Then a CPU holder is always the best solution. For those who find themselves constantly rewiring or fighting with the hard drive for leg room, CPU holders provide the perfect ergonomic accessory. These nifty devices mount underneath a desk to support a hard drive, leaving more leg space for the user and reducing the risk of a hard drive overheating. Many CPU holders also possess maneuverability for easy rewiring - no more cramming yourself between the desk and the wall for basic computer maintenance!

Desk Lamp/Charging Station

Everyone loves a BOGO deal, and this round of cool ergonomic products offers two tools for the price of one. Of course desk lamps are a common sight in the workplace, but cell phones, tablets, mp3 players, and other electronic devices all fighting for charger space, sometimes the wall outlet can get a little crowded. Thankfully, with products like the Dual Purpose Solstice Lamp from ESI, you can charge devices and work by sufficient lighting all at the same time. This special lamp not only illuminates workspace, but it also features a USB port for when your computer is all tied up. You'll never have to settle for less again!

Portable Power Module

Speaking of energy efficiency, why risk a device ever running out of power. With portable power modules, like the Symmetry Isle Power Tower, you can charge multiple devices without having to worry about which ones to sacrifice. Power towers are perfect both for the shared workspace and for users who rely on numerous devices all working at the same time. With nine available power outlets and six active USB ports, the Isle makes a superb addition to conference rooms, training areas, lobbies, reception offices, or anywhere tech users congregate!

Foot Rest

Because most desk workers sit, few office employees realize their chronic foot pain could be an office-related condition. Once again, improper posture while sitting is often the culprit. When a seated person's feet don't touch the ground, the unsupported weight puts stress on the backs of the knees where they bend over the edge of a chair, cutting off circulation and resulting in numbness, tingling, and pain in the feet. The best solutions to this problem include height adjustable office chairs with waterfall seats to reduce knee stress, and office foot rests. Foot rests may tilt to support the feet at an ideal angle, lifting them up so blood flow is easier and pain is reduced. Without chronic pain as a distraction, office workers exhibit better focus, health, and productivity!

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