Wednesday, March 4, 2015

7 Ways To Accessorize Your Conference Room

Trying to garner the best impressions of powerful corporate guests is a necessity in the world of business - a necessity best met with meetings and conferences. However, manners and professional behavior may not make the cut if the boardroom is shabby and outdated. In this article, we'll show you what a modern conference area requires to function in the contemporary business climate, so your company can entertain and impress with the best of them!

Flat Screens

Few things seem more outdated to the modern American than bulky electronics. Ancient computers and TVs that eat up more than their fair share of office space not only look ancient, but for the most part, have usually left their usefulness back in the 90s or early 2000s. This is part of why newer flat screen televisions and computer monitors have become the norm. Not only do flat screens take up far less office space, but by mounting to walls via ergonomic monitor arms, flat screens provide an optimal viewing environment. Outfitting the conference room with a modern "smart" TV allows guests to link up and share ideas from computers, tablets, and other technology during meetings.

Wall Art

In conference rooms with solid colors and minimal visual "textures," a little wall art can make all the difference in the world! Not only can wall art provide a place for the eyes to wander during those long business dealings, but it can also set the tone, color palette, and atmosphere of a conference room. In boardrooms with tight quarters, a few landscape hangings can open up the space by providing windows onto new vistas. Stencils, black and white photos, lettering, posters, and vinyl wall graphics are viable options as well, depending on the impression you want to make.

Presentation Boards

They may be low-tech, but in the office, informative presentation boards are one of the home-team's greatest assets. Often, company information boards end up becoming the fastest way to share information with coworkers when email doesn't make the cut. Boards that combine whiteboards with cork board panels allow users to write quick messages or post flyers. In the conference room, presentation boards offer the option of impromptu idea sharing during staff meetings, and they also provide a convenient place to tack up business cards, pictures, and graphs.

Power Towers

In today's contemporary business climate, technology rules. Rarely does one see an office worker or businessperson without a cell phone, tablet, or computer someplace close by. If a company can provide the opportunity to use these devices during meetings, they increase their friendliness to outside partners a hundredfold. Providing power towers or powered conference tables at the meeting gives associates and business guests the opportunity to present materials from devices without issue. Since most presentations come in the form of a powerpoint or video, power capabilities have become an invaluable conference room asset.

Lighting Fixtures

Proper lighting is an important feature for every interior, but in meeting rooms, it can mean the difference between success and failure. Conference room lighting needs to be versatile, with the ability to dim during projector or video presentations, and the ability to light back up during lectures or presentations that require reading. Shopping popular office light fixtures may allow you to find a good overhead lamp or dimmer to meet these needs.

Beverage Carts

At those high stakes business meetings, sometimes a little extra goes a long way. Few business leaders think of refreshments as something that could get them that sweet deal, but a versatile beverage cart like the Safco 8964BL in the conference room can make a huge difference in how a company is perceived by corporate guests. Simple refreshments offer a friendly touch that shows a company cares about proper treatment of visitors. And of course, who doesn't love a cold soda during a long staff meeting?


Since their debut a few years ago, iPads and tablets have become some of the best-selling pieces of technology for businesspeople today. Due to their lightweight design and portability, office associates and professionals can carry them anywhere, making tablets the ideal tool of the trade. However, very few business establishments have capitalized on the invention of tablet mounts for the office. Adding a few tablet mounts to the conference room, attached to the table, allows guests the use of their devices during meetings. It's a classy touch with a modern twist!

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