Thursday, March 26, 2015

Performance Matters: Choosing A Powered Conference Table in 2015

Conference Table with Power Modules
Powered conference tables are the latest craze! As businesses look to improve functionality, efficiency, and performance in the boardroom, the top rated furniture manufacturers have begun their push to deliver high powered tables designed to do just that. In today's post we'll share what to look for in a powered conference table, the top brands, models, and tips to make your meeting area the best it can be.

Zira Series Powered Conference TableThis year brands like Global Total Office and Mayline are leading the powered conference table boom. With collection like Zira and TransAction, finding a high powered table is easier than ever. Global's Zira tables can be outfitted with custom power modules that feature HDMI, Audio, Phone, Ethernet, and three prong power inputs that will help streamline your meetings. The Mayline TransAction series is just as advanced. These high tech tables offer a futuristic look and can be outfitted with multiple power modules to take meeting performance to the next level.

Modern Conference Table with PowerDon't need all the bells and whistles? No problem! Basic powered conference tables like the Verde from Cherryman Industries can be outfitted with simplified power solutions that offer three prong outlet and phone inputs. These tables are easy to spec, assemble, and operate. In addition to the Verde tables, the Lesro Industries Mystic collection is another prime option for businesses looking to keep things simple.

High Tech Conference TablesWith so many powered conference tables on the market, you may be thinking "how do I choose"? You'll want to start the process by assessing what options you feel will be used regularly, and those that may be helpful in the future. Contact your dealer of choice and discuss your specific conference room needs. Let them know what you need from your conference table and they will be happy to provide suggestions. If you'd like to skip the sales call, try contacting one of the top conference table manufacturers like Global Total Office, Mayline, or Cherryman Industries. They'll be happy to tell you about all the options available to meet your needs.

TransAction Powered Conference TableWe personally recommend the Zira conference table collection from Global Total Office. The great thing about the Zira line is that it's plug and pay telecom plates can be quickly replaced as the needs of your business change. This means, no need to by all new power modules! The Zira conference room furniture collection also includes a wide range of high tech accessories and room accents that will help to compliment your space.

Conference Table Power ModuleWhile once thought of as a luxury, powered conference room tables are now becoming the industry standard. Likewise, a conference room table with power options used to be hard to spec. Now manufacturers have simplified the process by offering factory installed modules that you simply need to plug in to operate. No need to cut holes in tables and route wires to obtain power in the boardroom! While aftermarket power ports are widely available that do require some cutting, we highly recommend buying a table with factory installed ports. It minimizes the headaches!

The price point of powered conference tables has also come down significantly. An 8' ft. Mayline Medina conference table with a single centrally located power module will only cost your business around $700.00. That being said, the higher end boardroom tables with advanced options can certainly get a bit more costly. These tables are specifically designed to high tech meeting environments where power is a must. If you're running extension cords across  your table surface and cluttering up the boardroom, a powered table is a must consider. The investment will be significant at first, but the time saved during meetings, training, and strategy sessions will provide your business with long term gains.

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