Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Performance Matters: Choosing the Perfect Office Chair in 2015

By encouraging correct posture and seating habits, the right office chair can make a world of difference to a person in the workplace. But with all the options out there, finding a chair that meets your needs both physically and financially can be a bit of a challenge. That's why we've included this list of helpful things to consider so you can be sure to make the right choice for your office seating solution. Enjoy!

Comfort When Working

For any piece of furniture, comfort is one of the biggest considerations. In the office, the wrong chair can have terrible repercussions. Chairs that are uncomfortable typically encourage improper posture, forcing the body into unnatural positions. This can lead to terrible pain in the neck, shoulders, back, legs, and even feet. Thankfully, the rise in demand of quality ergonomic chairs has improved workplace health for employees across the board. Taking the time to search products, try them out, and read customer reviews will help you determine the most comfortable chairs on the market, and what the right chair might be, based on your individual needs.

Visiting Showrooms

Visiting showrooms can be an excellent way to take a look at what's on the market to meet your needs. Almost every office furniture manufacturer exhibits showrooms to promote their products. Finding one is as simple as visiting the company's website. When you go, bring a notebook to write the product name and number of the items you want for your office, then look up a reputable online furniture dealer to buy the product from. Calling the dealer directly may give you private sales and bulk discounts!

Ergonomic Adjustment Features

Most people don't realize their chronic pain comes as a result from poor posture and seating habits in the office. However, the adjustable features on many ergonomic chairs to alleviate pain target some of the most common seating habits. In order to choose the right chair for yourself, we advise a self-evaluation of the problem areas in your seating posture. If you experience pain or discomfort in any of the following areas, searching for ergonomic seats with the following features will help alleviate your office pain, improving focus and productivity:

Ergonomic Solutions by Discomfort Type:

Neck Pain = headrest *(Neck pain is often caused by turning one's head to view a computer screen - purchasing an adjustable monitor arm that lets you view a computer straight-on is another solution).

Upper Back or Shoulder Pain = high backed chair

Lower Back Pain = low backed chair; adjustable lumbar support; footrest

Knee Pain = chair with an adjustable seat slider, seat tilt, or "waterfall seat"

Foot or Calf Pain = adjustable footrest; chair with adjustable height *(goal is to keep feet flat on the floor)

Wrist Pain = adjustable armrests *(A tilting or sliding keyboard tray at elbow-level may also reduce wrist pain by encouraging proper blood flow to the extremities).

Chair Style

Choosing a chair based on comfort and health benefits is never a bad idea, but that doesn't mean your chair has to look ugly! There are plenty of top brands on the market, such as Global Total Office chairs, Eurotech Seating, and RFM Seating Solutions, who offer chairs with choice. Not only do these companies make chairs to keep you comfortable during those long work days, but many of their chairs offer a multitude of accessories and upholsteries to fit in any room. Individuals who shop online with quality office furniture dealers may use a drop-down box to select the features they want for their chair so that it's look appeals to existing decor. With unique chairs like the Chakra by Eurotech and the Spree Series from Global, there is a chair for everyone's personal style!


Versatility is another important consideration before you purchase your perfect office chair this year. Remember that an ergonomic chair should never be a one-trick-pony. This industry is highly competitive, and making sure customers get plenty of features for their money's worth is the goal of every reliable furniture manufacturer. When you shop top ergo accessories and products, always look for a list of the features that product offers. If you're not sure, call up the dealer and ask about the item. Typically, anything less than three features usually marks a mediocre product.


Style and comfort are always vital considerations, but at the end of the day, the best chair will always be the best deal. For those who don't want to risk temptation, searching by price is the ideal practice. By knowing and shopping by your budget, you won't feel pressured to buy a chair you can't afford. However, for those with critical pain in need of an urgent solution, sometimes looking at top-of-the-line items is a necessity. This way, you'll know what to look for in lower-priced models, and see how they compare with the best.
To find the best deals, we advise searching by shopping engines. Downloading shopping apps, or taking advantage of Google's shopping tab will help you compare the various prices for your product from all across the web, saving hours of individual price lookups. Shopping closeouts, clearance, and coupons are another great trick. But the best deals on the web are going to come from the dealers themselves. When in doubt, don't be afraid to call one up for a special or bulk discount you can't get anywhere else!


With as pricey as office products can get, springing for the warranty may be the best decision you make. Just because a dozen customers have written excellent reviews of a product doesn't always mean that product will meet your individual office needs. Shopping with manufacturers who offer good warranties is an excellent way to ensure value. Selecting a chair like the MH5335A2 Me! task chair for sale will offer an excellent warranty because the chair is made by Ergo Contract Furniture. Global Total Office and Cherryman Industries products also offer competitive warranties to up the anti of their already-amazing inventory. Don't miss out on these extraordinary companies!

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