Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Office Chair Reviews: Global Weev Seating

For those who follow the trends of the furniture world, it's no secret that Global Total Office is one of the best in the business. Their vast array of high end furniture has been showcased everywhere, from exemplary office buildings, to small business, and even the coveted Neocon exhibitions! Today, we're highlighting the pros and cons of one of their newest additions - Global Weev Seating. Enjoy!

Featuring a beautiful blend of both mesh and fabric upholstery, the Global Weev series has got style in spades! This collection offers chairs of the same styling in both mid back and high back options, as well as armed and armless options. Weev chairs are very angular and squarish in design, making them perfect for an office with a modern theme. The mesh upholstery is also very breathable, so these chairs are experts in preventing uncomfortable buildup of sweat and germs upon the user. Most models offer a variety of color choices for maximum versatility!

But, anyone whose ever sat in an office all day can tell you style is not all there is to an office chair. In reality, comfort always comes first and foremost! Thankfully, the Global Weev series delivers here too! Models like the 2220-4 Weev Chair by Global offer plenty of great features. A sliding seat depth adjuster, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable arms, and a uniquely adjustable back to support pressure points along the spine makes this an excellent ergonomic chair for the money.

Speaking of price tags, we can't brag enough about the price of Global Weev Seating. Even if these chairs are definitely not the fanciest on the market, they certainly provide an amazing deal for the features they do offer. Similar chairs from competing brands may be priced up to $200 more, but buying from a reputable office furniture dealer will get you a comfortable Weev chair at a price that's almost cruel to other brands!

Taking features, price, and style into account, we proudly recommend Weev seating for virtually all office environments! With the ability to bend and flex according to the user's movements, and the willingness to give under pressure (relieving the body's pressure points in the process), a healthful office chair like the Weev 2222-6 by Global would work wonders in both home and business applications. The chair makes a perfect addition to furniture for conference room use, but it certainly holds its own at a singular desk or cubicle for all day comfort.

Overally, we happily give the Weev Series by Global a five star rating! Not only is this series stylish, but the comfortable design, ergonomic features, and very affordable price make this chair accessible for just about any budget. Users definitely get more than their money's worth with a Weev chair, with each model putting counterpart chairs to shame with the low Weev price. Models like the 2221-6 will make an ideal affordable mesh task chair for everyday use at home, in the office, in the conference room, or even in the training area. Don't miss out on this incredible deal from Global Total Office seating and furniture. You never know when they'll come to their senses!

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