Monday, November 10, 2014

5 Great Ways To Showcase Your New Office Space

 Office Makeover

So you've completed a successful office makeover project and want to show off your work? We've got you covered! In today's post we'll highlight the top 5 places to showcase your office transformation and help you earn the compliments you deserve. Enjoy!

1.) Pinterest

A top social media site for sharing anything from food to furniture, Pinterest is the best place to start if you want to showcase your space. If you don't already have a Pinterest account, sign up is easy and only takes a couple minutes. Create a board that describes your makeover project and upload some photos of your work. You'll be surprised at just how many responses and shares your space gets. Be sure to follow other office design boards on Pinterest to spread some love while helping to inspire your for your next project!

2.) Instagram

Instagram is just plain cool! This fun and easy to use social site allows you to upload photos of your project while adding cool hues and effects to your picture. If you went for a retro look with your space, Instagram can help you photos shine! Whether you've complete a successful boardroom makeover or simply added a few new sofas to your waiting room, Instagram will help your space get the recognition it deserves.

3.) Twitter

Twitter is yet another great way to share your office makeover success story. Simply type up to 140 characters that describe how fun, exciting, and well executed your makeover project went and send it out to the world. If your followers feel so inclined, they may just retweet your message to help you garner a bit more buzz! For those that don't know, Twitter also allows users to post pics to there feed and profile. What better way to highlight your work?

4.) Facebook

This ones a no brainer. As you no doubt have a Facebook account, it's a great tool to utilize for showcasing your office makeover project. Posting a picture on Facebook is easy as pie and will surely garner plenty of likes from your friends and family members. Make a Facebook photo board with a title like "My New Office" and sit back while the compliments roll in. Many designers will post ideas for office makeover projects on Facebook to get feedback and ideas before even starting a project! Feel free to share items you are considering adding to your space like desks and office chairs.

5.) Host A Meeting

There's simply no substitute for seeing a well designed space in person. This is sure to earn you an abundance of compliments and wow your office guests. Once your space is complete, consider hosting a small team building communication meeting in your space. Provide snacks and drinks and brainstorm ideas that could make your corporate image more appealing. You'll be showcasing your new space while strategizing to improve your business!

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