Thursday, November 13, 2014

1 File Cabinet - 5 Cool Projects

Wondering what to do with those old file cabinets taking up garage and office warehouse space? You're not alone! In today's post we'll be sharing 5 of the coolest file cabinet re purposing and DIY projects you'll surely love. Have fun and enjoy!

Tool Organizer

File Cabinet Tool Organizer

Tools take up a ton of space in the garage and are often left unorganized and scattered. To solve this problem, look no further than your old file cabinet! Start by removing the drawers and setting the cabinet on it's back side. Essentially you can stop here an have your problem solved. If you'd like to take your project a few steps further, try painting and adding peg board for even more wow factor. This is a cool project any guy will love and even makes a wonderful surprise gift!


File Cabinet Table Project

You can actually turn your old filing cabinets into cool tables that you'd be proud to have in your home or office. While this project typically works best with smaller cabinets, with a little know how any cabinet will do. Start by turning your cabinet on it's side. Next cut and attach four table legs or stack multiple cabinet on top of each other to achieve your desired height. Lastly you'll want to add a cool wood or glass top to make your DIY project shine. Any house or office looking for that retro vibe will set their space apart from the competition with this fun and easy project.


File Cabinet Planter

Old wood and metal file cabinets also make excellent planters. Both vertical and lateral file cabinets can be easily turned on their sides and loaded with cool plants to create wow factor in the front or back yard. Try painting your cabinets to let a bit more of your personality shine! As the number one most commonly found project for old file cabinets, the planter idea is a must if you have multiple cabinets to re purpose! This is a fun job that the whole family will love.

Kitchen Island

File Cabinet Kitchen Island

These days it seems like everyone has a kitchen island, and if you have old vertical file cabinets you can have one too without the hefty price tag. Start by trimming a piece of butchers block or cutting board to the size of your file cabinet's top. Next, paint your file cabinet a cool color that makes your kitchen pop. Attach the surface and enjoy! Drawers will provide helpful storage while the handles can be used to easily attach cooking utensils. Wheels can be attached to provide ease of mobility. The options are endless. With a little design ingenuity, you might just have the coolest island on the block.

TV Stand

File Cabinet TV Stand

Two things are certain, new TV stands are expensive and the retro design craze is in full swing! If you have a couple of old file cabinets in need of re purposing, try painting them unique colors to add some zing. Next, create a top out of wood or glass that will act as a joining surface between the cabinets. In no time you'll have a cool and fully functional TV stand that didn't cost a fortune... and look pretty cool too!

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