Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How To Go Retro With Your Office Makeover

Most styles come and go, but retro is always in! Whether you like the looks of furniture from the 40s or the 70s, know that by outfitting your office in these characteristic styles, your place will never fall off the cutting edge! Older styles have solidified their place in history by working their way into our hearts and memories. With retro stylings, you'll never have to meet modern trends again! Here are some great tips on how to take your office to the retro level in a modern world. Enjoy!


One of the first steps that should be taken towards achieving an old school vibe is through tables. Most offices can never get enough use out of all the tables they have. Office tables for business meeting, tables for boardroom use, tables for conferences, and small meeting tables are all crucial for making an office as utilitarian as possible. Clad these tables in retro styling, and you suddenly have a surface that's useful for work and sentimentality! We recommend Endure retro tables from OFM or the Global GC36CF Round Alba Table for a classic table style with customizable specifications. The public loves nostalgia. Fill your office with it, and you'll never get guests to leave!


The cornerstone of any workspace, desks are an absolute must-have in the office. However, if the rest of your office is vintage, don't ruin the vibe with a conventional modern desk! Adding a cool retro desk to your workspace increases both utility and office aesthetics. Ironically, many of today's modern executive desks for sale feature bold, vintage-inspired stylings. Many desks, like the Verde1 by Cherryman, or the small retro desk collection from Flash Furniture allude to classic styles while offering useful contemporary features!

Area Rugs

Never underestimate the power of area rugs when decorating! If you're stuck in a noisy office with hardwood floors, adding a few of these babies may save you a few notes from angry neighbors about the sound. Not only that, but area rugs are powerful style enhancers. Adding a few with your chosen retro style can provide bursts of color and pattern in a boring office. Furthermore, for anyone worried about about desk legs or office chair wheel casters scratching up the floor, a retro area rug is always a groovy saving grace!

Lighting Fixtures

Going retro with lighting fixtures is often one of the most fun decorating choices a designer can make! Typically, it allows for far more creativity than conventional lighting. For anyone seeking vintage appeal, look for sleek office lighting fixtures or anything that displays lots of glass. Fixtures dressed up as Victorian lamps or hanging glass bulbs are very popular choices that will stand out in any workplace. You may even decide to go for an international appeal with Asian-inspired lanterns or classical candles.  Remember, lighting up your office doesn't mean you should ignore the Dark Ages!

Furniture and Seating

Possessing visitor furniture is a given for any office with a reception area. Whether you ask guests to wait in a lobby, a waiting room, or limbo, keeping comfortable office sofas, chairs and lounge furniture is always appreciated. Additionally, how can you be expected to serve customers without comfortable ergonomic chairs picking up the slack? For our purposes, these are just two more places where retro rocks! When designing your visitor area, don't be afraid to skim the decades for the lounge chair that appeals to you. To those behind the desks, retro office seating by Woodstock is the choice du jour! Vintage fans simply love the Woodstock Hendrix chair for its old school appeal!

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