Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Must Have Ergonomic Products for The Modern Workaholic

The modern workaholic is always in need of ways to operate more comfortably and effectively. During those long days at the office or in the field, having the right combination of products is a must. In today's post we'll showcase 5 versatile ergonomic products sure to do just that. Enjoy!

WOW Computer Workstation On WheelsWorkaholics on the go will love the ESI WOW series mobile computer workstation. Whether you're giving presentations or tackling tough meetings, the WOW workstation is sure to help. This mobile computer workstation provides a generous workspace while helping to maximize the square footage of any work environment. Whether the WOW is used in an office, educational or healthcare setting, this ergonomic workstation on wheels is the perfect solution for mobile computing. The WOW features a height adjustable design that works well for both sitting and standing applications. The heavy duty base and casters ensure durability workaholics will certainly appreciate. This workstation is certainly a must have!

Dual Screen Monitor ArmA dual screen monitor arm is another must have weapon in any workaholics arsenal. These user friendly units will improve the rate at which you compute while simultaneously creating more usable desk space in the office. Dual screen monitor arms from brands like ESI, Systematix, Global Total Office, and Mayline are a must consider for both home and professional work environments. If you're a workaholic still operating with a single monitor, you're certainly not maximizing your day to day efficiency. Dual screen mounts can be purchased for as little as $300 and will pay for themselves with time saved in no time at all.

Sit To Stand Keyboard TrayAny true workaholic understands the value of versatility in the workplace. That being said, equipping your workstation with a sit to stand keyboard tray will do just that! The ability to work comfortably from a variety of operating positions will ensure a more productive day while keeping you posture perfect. Common health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, poor blood flow, cramping, and back pain can all be helped with a sit to stand keyboard tray. Brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions offer high quality units business professionals have come to trust and rely on daily, and if you're a workaholic... you should too!

magnetic task lightFourth on our list of must have products for the modern workaholic is the Hannah series magnetic mount task light by Symmetry. As workaholics spend a ton of time in the office, electricity bills can be a real bummer! Using an ergonomic product like this Hannah series light will help cut costs while improving functionality in the workplace. Both smart and remarkably efficient this office lighting solutions' 13 watt 3500K compact fluorescent lamp is 50% brighter than most. Using a radiant mirror film reflector, it provides energy efficient illumination nearly as bright as an 18 watt lamp. This unique personal task light is available with a single arm and has several mounting options. Adjust and move the Hannah light to suit your individual needs and enjoy the benefits!

G20 Cloud ChairLast but certainly not least, a professional ergonomic office chair is a true must have for any modern workaholic. If you're not sitting comfortably, you're not working smart, and a good chair will help you in more ways than one! This year, brands like Global Total Office have paved the way with their cutting edge ergonomic seating solutions. Chairs like the Arti, G20, and Spree are all must consider options for workaholics looking to boost comfort in the workplace. Top notch ergonomic chairs like these adjust in a variety of ways and provide the much needed support workaholics demand. While most of the top rated ergo chairs on the market costs thousands of dollars, the models mentioned above are available at a fraction of the cost. Do yourself and your work day a favor and upgrade to the chair you deserve today!

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