Monday, November 24, 2014

5 Great Ways to Showcase Your Lobby Makeover

Has a major office makeover changed the face of your new workplace? Congratulations! Completing an office facelift an excellent way to get word out about your business and attract new clients. However, marketing is a complex and sometimes tedious process, but thankfully, you have us! In today's article, we're highlighting some of the best social media outlets and ways to market your company, as well as it's latest makeovers. Enjoy!


Although the hype of Facebook has worn a bit since it's debut, almost everyone still has an account with them. Even in 2014, this social media giant is still going strong, with users all over the world connecting, posting photos, hitting links, and "liking" millions of pages. Letting your company miss out on this huge opportunity corral new customers could be a costly mistake. If you haven't already, now is the time to act! What better way to make your own debut than by showcasing a fabulous new makeover in the lobby?
 Facebook has a special option for businesses to create a page for themselves that customers can share and like to get the word out. Don't let that fabulous new reception furniture go to waste!


This is the outlet where artists, architects, designers, bloggers, crafters, and photographers congregate! While you're rocking the internet with your new company's latest changes, don't forget to add a few pins to Pinterest. With this site, linking or "pinning" images of your new company, adding links to the company site, and posting blogs has never been easier - or more fun. Diversify your account by creating multiple boards to appeal to a wide variety of interests.

This virtual avenue for marketing is excellent for gathering information and inspiration about everything from fitness, to crafting, to cooking, and companies are no exception. A few photos of those cozy leather chairs for guests could draw the attention of interior designers, artists, and furniture freaks in a matter of minutes with Pinterest. While you're there, go ahead and find loads of inspiration for your next office makeover!


Want to get the word out fast? Then Twitter is your racehorse for information. Twitter's lightning-quick social media platform revolves around users who tweet about everything from their personal lives to big issues to current events. Through hashtags, tweets, and retweets, posts can spread like wildfire and become trending topics in merely a few minutes. Gathering enough followers for your company through Twitter can be a great way to make sure everyone gets to see that amazingly versatile lobby seating, as well as stay updated on any changes or events at the office! #InteriorDesign


Like Pinterest, Instagram is an outlet for fans of photos who like to use phones. The Instagram smartphone app enables users to edit photos either from within the app or their camera roll. By using filters, inexperienced photographers can dress up their photos to look amazing without costing a fortune. Users can follow one another's photographs, finding users they like or connecting with friends via Twitter and Facebook.

For a new business, Instagram's online community offers excellent opportunities for marketing and raising awareness about any new interior design changes. Simply snap a few pics with your smartphone, edit them, and post to raise awareness about beam seating benefits and how it changed the look of your waiting room!

Host an Event

With the rise of all the super-convenient virtual media giants, hosting an event at your workplace may seem a little blasé. But, as they say, "old is gold!" Hosting a formal event to showcase your business not only provides opportunities to get the word out, it's also classy. Plus, with all those guests and all those smartphones, marketing will practically take care of itself. Allow guests to sit and enjoy the new space, taking photos, talking with friends, enjoying refreshments, and the event will have done it's job! Comfortable chairs, and subtle artificial lighting will help increase the business casual vibe. After all, what better way to break in the stylish executive chairs for guests than with a party to celebrate them?

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