Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Top Conference Tables: Global Alba Series

Office design is an art form, but it definitely has it's challenges, especially in the conference room. Trying to create a space that blends modern design with classic charm and still manages to impress executives can leave one wondering if the task is even possible. Well, we're here to tell you it is! Global Total Office furniture offers some of the best conference room styles out there, and Alba collection meets all the high standards without the high price. Today, we review this incredible series. Enjoy!

Global Alba Meeting Table
First, we're going to start small and present the GC36CF Alba Laminate Round Table by Global for office use. The good thing about Global's meeting tables is that they can go just about anywhere. The GC36CF offers enough modern style to fit beautifully into conference rooms, executive offices, and even cafes. It's offered in a number of great finishes and sizes. No surprise, given that its designer is the world-renowned Zooey Chu!

Global Alba Laminate Table
Next is the second meeting table in this series, the Alba GC36SF Laminate Table by Global. Featuring a square-shaped design, this table makes a perfect addition to meeting rooms, conference areas, executive offices, waiting rooms, and even cafes! Like the table above, the GC36SF is offered in many sizes and colors, all for an affordable price that leaves competitors speechless.

Global 8 Alba Racetrack TableMoving into the world of true conference tables, we present the Alba GRT8WLTM Racetrack Conference Table by Global for conference and boardroom applications. This table offers plenty of modern "wow factor" for the contemporary workplace at a super affordable price. A total of nine size options with different finishes help this table to fit in just about anywhere.

Global Alba Elliptical Conference Table
Offered in a vast array of stylish finishes, including Avant Cherry, Storm Gray, and even Tiger Mahogany, the Global GEL10WSTM Alba Elliptical Conference Table is definitely dressed to impress. The elliptical top hints at one of the top contemporary styles in office interior design and is supported on thin, yet sturdy legs for an effortless look to compliment any conference space.

Global Alba Rectangular Conference Table
For those that want a more geometric appeal, look no further than the Alba GR6LTM Office Conference Table for your boardroom. This beauty features a rectangular top to provide ample work room. Like all Alba tables, it's offered in many sizes and colors for an affordable price.

Global Alba Racetrack Conference Table

The Global GRT8WL Alba Racetrack Table features a minimalist look that's both elegant and trendy for modern decorating. The thin racetrack top is popular, and cool enough to fit into most contemporary conference spaces. Supported on slender metal legs, it provides an airy, effortless look that's sure to impress.

Global Alba Contemporary EllipticalNext is the Alba GEL5STM Contemporary Elliptical Table by Global for boardrooms and conference areas. If you're searching for a sleek modern look without having to worry about constantly cleaning a glass table, then this is the one for you. The elliptical top is stretched to accommodate many people, and  it's available in a total of seven sizes to accommodate more when required.

Global Alba Racetrack Table 10
Designed by Zooey Chu to compliment the casual side of business, the Global Alba GRT10WLTM Racetrack Conference Table looks just as good in laid back environments as it does in high stakes ones.  Offered an an astounding eleven sizes, with plenty of finish choices to boot, this table is a steal at its affordable price.

Global 12' Elliptical Conference Table
Although it's available in additional sizes between five and twenty-four feet long, the standard size of the Global GEL12WSTM Alba Elliptical Conference Table is twelve feet. Users love this table for its voguish elegant design. The elliptical top certainly provides a sense of high class style in contemporary work environments, and the stunning finishes it's offered in complete the look, making it perfect for boardrooms and conference spaces alike.

Global Alba Laminate Conference Table
And lastly, we leave you with a favorite of the Alba line. The GEL8WSTM Alba Conference Table by Global is stylish and spacious. The rounded top is stretched out to accommodate many people, so it's ideal for conference rooms everywhere. The nine size options and colors that are staples of the Alba collection help to make the GEL8WSTM match the size and decor of almost everywhere too, and the prices seem almost unfair to competitors. The Alba line is one of the most versatile, affordable lines out there, with plenty of style. Any of these popular affordable conference tables by Global would easily make a conference room stand out!

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