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Office Chair Reviews: Eurotech Wau Series

If you are looking for a great mesh back ergonomic chair to keep you cool and comfortable at work, look no further. The Wau chair by Eurotech has users saying "wow" all over the nation for it's ergonomic style and affordable price. Eurotech is a brand that's extremely well-respected for staying on the cutting-edge. In a post that's long overdue, today we'll look at the merits and shortfalls of the Wau chair and see just why it's one of their most popular models.


Eurotech Logo

Coming from the brand, Eurotech, it's no surprise that the Wau Series has a lot to live up to. This brand has a strong reputation for constantly producing work that stays right on the cutting edge of ergonomic innovation, and with incredible companies like RFM to beat, they certainly put in a lot of thought to design. However, being one of the highest producers of top mesh back chairs with ergonomic design out there, Eurotech has had a lot of practice, and it certainly shows in the Wau. This series has become one of their most popular lines, and it isn't hard to see why!


Wau Series White Frame Charcoal High Back Chair by Eurotech
Wau series chairs rely on top-of-the-line Eurotech innovation as the backbone for their comfortable design, but the look of these chairs is certainly unique. Like many other popular chairs by Eurotech Seating, Wau series chairs feature a soft, breathable mesh back over a molded plastic frame. Although this may seem generic, the EUR-WAU-HIGH Wau Series High Back Chair by Eurotech and its companions are very sturdy, and it's these materials that bring the Wau's high grade structure to users at an affordable price. While the style may not be for everyone, we happen to find Wau chairs to be the pinnacle of cool modern design. Ergonomic sophistication shines in the chair's smart color combinations and contemporary look.


Mid Back Black Frame Black Fabric Chair by Eurotech

The price is one of the most amazing features of the Wau line. Many buyers are shocked to find Wau models in the same price range as standard ergonomic office chairs, given their high tech design. The use of low-cost materials such as supportive mesh and a tough molded plastic frame greatly reduce the price of Wau chairs, bringing them to anyone with a limited budget. In addition, the Wau line offers two major chair designs, with two models in a high back styling, and two in a mid back styling. Naturally, the affordable office chairs with mid back styling are lower priced, but they still feature many of the same amazingly adjustable features as their high tech counterparts. Compared to other models of the same price, it's no wonder the Wau line really stands out.


High Back Black Frame Mesh Chair by Eurotech

While style and price may be the reason people buy the Wau series, Eurotech is definitely responsible for why the chairs are kept! Under the hood, Wau chairs boast an astounding array of tilt tension controls, adjustable features, locks, height adjustment, and even a waterfall seat to meet each user's individual comfort needs. Available in both a mid back and high back styling, the chairs offer enough versatility to fit into all sorts of environments. Unlike many other contemporary high back chairs for office use, the high back Wau even features a headrest for added comfort. Between the two styles and great ergonomic features, executives, home, and business workers can enjoy the cutting-edge comfort of the Wau series.

Color Variations

Eurotech Wau Chairs

While the Eurotech Wau series may not offer as many colorful chair options for office use as some other brands, the two available color combos it does have is already much more than many chairs can say. Both the high and mid back chairs feature either a black or white frame to go with the charcoal mesh upholstery, and while it may not seem like much of a difference, we assure you it is. The different color combos turn each Wau into a completely unique chair. Users can choose the black on charcoal for a seamless matching look that easily blends into any office, or they can go with the white on charcoal for a trendy contrast that stands out. There is even a black on black fabric upholstery for those who would rather do without the mesh! Either way, all combos look incredible. They exude every bit of the high tech style the chairs actually possess, and are well worth the affordable price to get it!

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