Thursday, April 10, 2014

6 Funny Pranks Great for Office Meetings

Fun Meeting
We've all set through boring meetings waiting for an end and thinking of the various other tasks you could be doing. If you're the person hosting the meeting, it's just as painful to look around and see all those exhausted faces. Luckily, there are a few fun pranks you can pull that will liven up any room! In today's post we'll share 6 hilarious ideas that are sure to spice up any meeting. Get ready to laugh!

1.) Prank Call

The prank call joke is sure to get the room abuzz at the start of any meeting. For this prank to work you'll need the help of a fellow coworker that's not going to be present at the meeting. You can even get your wife to be the caller if she's not too busy! Once the meeting begins, your conference room phone will ring and you'll answer. Put the call on speaker as if you'd expected it for business reasons. Then the real fun can begin! Prank call ideas included a flooded bathroom, wife in labor, or stolen car. Be sure to keep the tension light and not drag the call on... well for too long anyways!

2.) The Interrupter

For the interrupter prank to work properly you'll need the help of a partner. Get with your teammate of choice and discuss how every time you begin to talk, they need to be constantly interrupting you. Within minutes the look on fellow meeting attendees faces will let you know just how good this joke is working. Once you have the room fully annoyed, announce the joke and enjoy the laughs.

3.) Fart Machine

While the fart machine prank is not appropriate for every workplace, those that feel they can pull it off without an HR issue will reap the rewards. First, attach the speaker section of the fart machine. Areas close to where you're sitting like the under neath side of conference room tables work best. Let the room know your stomach is not feeling great at the start of the meeting. A few minutes in, begin pressing the button at your leisure and apologizing. Feel free to let the room in on the prank when you're ready. Rest assured, nobody will be falling asleep after this one. You can pick up a fart machine at any mall gift store for around $20.

4.) What's With My Chair?

Simple, easy, and great for a quick laugh. However, you'll need adjustable conference chairs for this prank to work. Go around the room before the meeting starts and change the height of all chairs to the lowest possible setting with the exception of your own. When guests walk in and sit they will quickly realize that their eyes are near table level with you at a much higher vantage point. Instruct the room that they must leave the chairs in the lowered position throughout the meeting and get a few giggles in before allowing them to adjust accordingly.

5.) The Bad Employee

Here's another prank that's ideal for a two person team up. Have a fellow employee play the bad employee. Instruct them to come in late, text on their phone, get up repeatedly, and cause any number of other distractions you think will help. Instruct them to stop their wicked ways several times and finally punish them by having them write "I will not disrupt a meeting" repeatedly on the presentation board. If you don't have a presentation board accommodating your office conference room furniture, a simple time out in the corner will also work. The room will be shocked! Announce the prank and continue the meeting with guests that are in a much more attentive mood.

6.) Who's Phone is That?

This prank is really funny and works every time! Download a rotating ringer app on your smart phone. Hide your cell somewhere in the conference room. Ceiling panels, under boardroom tables, and conference room storage cabinets will work great. Have a secretary or receptionist call your number and the app will work it's magic. Simply ask who's phone is ringing each time. The beauty of this prank is that eventually a ring will roll through that's actually the same as one of your employees. This makes the prank really fun when you finally decide to let the room in on it.

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