Tuesday, April 1, 2014

7 Fun April Fools Day Office Jokes

It's April Fools Day and instead of saying all sites are offering free office furniture and chairs, we thought it would be fun to share 7 of the best pranks your coworkers will actually fall for. The awesome April Fools Day pranks in today's post are sure to get big laughs while still being workplace friendly... well, friendly for most workplaces. Enjoy!

1.) Fake Bonus

April Fools Day Banner

This ones quick, simple, and sure to get your personnel in a tizzy. Send out a mass email to your employees stating that a monthly bonus check will be sent out today! Make out sticky notes that say "April Fools" and place them in envelopes to hand out accordingly. You can even print out a free April Fools clip art image if you want to be a bit more fancy! Just make sure to only use this joke on people with a good sense of humor. The sensitive crowd just might start planning a big purchase and over react when they open the envelope!

2.) Customer Service Nightmare

Bad Work Day Prank

Simple, quick, and effective! Explain to your employees after lunch that there's been a major business related issue. Ideas including manufacturing problems and shipping issues. In a serious tone, let you employees know that the customer service problem calls are sure to be headed in by the dozen. Add as much drama as you'd like to the situation until you feel they are convinced. Let them all return to there desks and begin making calls. Simply say April Fools and you'll get a laugh for certain. On the other hand... you could continue the joke via a prank call.

3.) Interior Decorator

Office Furniture Jokes

The third April Fools Day prank involves some careful rearranging. Wait until a fellow coworker goes to lunch and turn ever item on their desk in the opposite direction. Flip the computer screen, move there chair to the other side of the desk, switch desk top calenders around, and any other objects that can be easily put back in there place with no real harm done. Once complete, sit back and wait for your workplace pal to return. Be sure to let the prank set in and then walk into the office to simply say... "Did you know today was April Fools day?"

4.) What Happened to My Chair!

Disassembled Office Chair Prank

As a professional office furniture and seating provider we've pulled this prank too many times for it to work anymore. However, we thought it would be a fun one to pass on to you guys! Most home and business office chairs attach to their respective bases via a simple cylinder that can be unattached via pulling up on the chair seat. That being said, simply remove the top of the chair and set it next to the base. Wait for your coworkers to return to their spaces to find their beloved ergonomic office chairs in two pieces. Tell them maintenance is working on the a mechanical issue and will have the problem fixed shortly. Be sure to share in the frustration. Feel free to make your office friends stand next to their chairs for as long as you'd like before telling them it's an April Fools joke.

5.) Air Horn Door

Air Horn Door Prank

This ones a classic and very simple. Pick up an air horn and some duct tape on your lunch break. Sneak it into the office and attach it securely behind a door of your choosing. Commonly trafficked areas are best as the prank will get more opportunities. Simply wait for an individual to swing the door a bit hard and enjoy the laughs.

6.) Vending Machine Fun

Vending Machine Prank

We have to admit, we got the idea for this one from our favorite shows 'The Office'. Unfortunately it's dependent upon getting a key to the vending machine! If you have access, simply remove the candy, chips, and snack and replace with common desk top items. Direct your prank recipient to the vending area and say something along the lines of "Hey, isn't that your..." The look of amazement will be priceless!

7.) Post It Note Crazy

Office Post It Notes Prank

A classic workplace prank that's always good for a few laughs. We've seen pics of this prank taken to a whole new level by covering entire cars with post it notes. More simply however, you can just cover computer chairs with post its or even computer screens and desks.

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