Monday, April 14, 2014

Build Your Boardroom with Cherryman Industries

Looking to build a stylish boardroom to impress guests and executives? Well, you've come to the right place. In today's article, we'll be highlighting the best qualities of the top notch furniture line, Cherryman Industries. This brand has lead the pack in producing furniture of all sorts, but their conference furniture is truly unique. Here are some excellent steps to building a boardroom with Cherryman!

Choose a Style

Cherryman Verde Modern Conference Table
The great thing about Cherryman furniture is that their customers are not just limited to one look. Rather than being backed into a corner, those who choose Cherryman get their choice of five amazing furniture stylings. Cherryman possesses five furniture collections, all of which have desks for executives and home use, along with guest furniture, reception stations, tables, and yes, spectacular boardroom furniture! One glance is usually enough to tell if the Amber, the Emerald, the Jade, the Ruby, or the affordable Verde collection by Cherryman is the style for you. All furniture in these collections match, so clashing is never an issue, and different finishes are available for each look to better match existing decor. As the names suggest, any collection is a gem in the office!

Pick a Boardroom Table

Cherryman Amber Conference Table

Many shoppers often like to choose their boardroom table before they choose the surrounding style, but any of Cherryman's tables would make an excellent centerpiece to a modern boardroom. Most of Cherryman's tables vary depending on the style, so different collections possess tables with different qualities. For those that like variety, this is a great bonus to shopping with Cherryman. This brand produces all sorts of modern conference tables with modular design for office use. Whether you want an elliptical, round, boat-shaped, or rectangular table, Cherryman has solutions in all shapes and sizes. Some of their collections, like the Amber, even offer adjustable table options for the modular workspace.

Add Visual Aids

Cherryman Emerald Presentation Board

No boardroom is complete without visual aids. In the modern world, people are relying evermore on technology to help get ideas across. When designing any boardroom, make sure to include presentation furniture and accessories so presenters don't find themselves lost when it comes time to make their case before a room full of executives, bosses, and coworkers. Most brands that offer conference furniture offer some form of presentation tools for conference room use to match their furniture, and Cherryman is no different. Almost all Cherryman collections offer convenient presentation boards for conference and boardroom applications. Users can write or draw diagrams with dry-erase markers on the built-in whiteboard, pin things to the cork board doors, and close it all back up for a clean, uncluttered look.

Increase Storage

One thing too many people take for granted when designing a boardroom is storage space. Often, designers assume that because boardroom spaces are usually seldom used, they are rooms that don't require bookshelves or drawers. This is wrong. In fact, if a boardroom space is seldom used, that very fact is precisely what makes it an excellent storage room. Boardrooms often have plenty of extra square footage for a few shelves or stylish wood cabinets for office storage to spare. Why not take advantage of the unused space by adding some storage accessories? Because Cherryman manufactures furniture for all sorts of office environments, each collection offers its own storage cabinets and bookshelves to match its chosen style. If you're picking out a boardroom table anyway, try perusing your collection's storage furniture. You may be able to save a buck by qualifying for bulk shipping!

Add Seating

Cherryman Respond Task Chair 2.1

Even though Cherryman is primarily an office casegoods producer, they do make things convenient by adding a few seating options to their mix for easy furniture matching. When buying discount Cherryman furniture for sale, shoppers should always be able to find a few traditional guest seating options. Many collections offer classic wood guest chairs for meeting tables and executive offices. But if they don't appeal to your modern sense of style, Cherryman also three excellent ergonomic chair designs. The Respond office chair series by Cherryman is designed to match all of their collections. They make great seating for executives, cubicle workers, computer users, and even boardroom guests, so don't miss out!

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