Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Reviewing The 5 Hottest Office Design Trends of 2014

2014 was an awesome year for the world of professional office design. This year a variety of key trends emerged that are continuing to change the way we look at our work spaces. In today's post, we'll showcase and review 5 of this years hottest trends. Enjoy!

Powered Conference Tables
Powered Conference Table

If you took on a meeting area makeover project in 2014, the odds are you chose a powered conference room table for your space. Powered conference tables are guaranteed to make your conference room meetings run more efficiently and keep your professional gatherings much more productive. This year, brands like Global Total Office changed the game with there Zira series powered conference table line. In addition, Mayline made huge strides in the powered table realm with collections like Transaction and Medina. Rest assured, this is one office design trend that's here to stay!

Gray Office Chairs
Gray Office Chair

It seems gray has become the new black! This year gray office chairs were the preferred choice of interior design teams and consumers alike. Popular gray office chair solutions like the Joplin and Hendrix series chairs from Woodstock Marketing were incredibly successful in 2014. Much like black, gray upholstery provides a neutral tone that matches nearly any wood or metal finish to perfection. Those not looking to go the traditional route of black leather seating found that gray chairs added the same classy feel without the overly dark and gloomy feel of black in the workplace.

Industrial Furniture
Transaction Series Open Desking

The industrial look was huge in 2014. The blending of metal components into desking configurations and tables alike provides a commercial feel that designers love. Much like with the stainless steel appliance movement in the kitchen, the popularity of silver metal office furniture is growing at a very rapid rate. Brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, Global Total Office, and OFM have all expanded there repertoire of products to include metal accented solutions for both professional and home applications.

Ribbed Back Chairs
Ribbed Back Office Chair

2014 was the year of the ribbed back office chair! The sleek nature of ribbed back chairs saves space and looks great in both executive office and meeting settings. Best selling ribbed back office chair models like the BT-9826H from Flash Furniture offer high end appeal at an affordable price point. Additional brands like Ergo Contract Furniture, Woodstock Marketing, and Offices To Go have also jumped on board with this growing trend.

Lime Green
Mayline e5

It seems everywhere we looked this year, designers where using lime green as the primary accent color for professional office spaces. This vibrant tone is definitely a great way to make any work environment stand apart from the competition. From lime green office chairs to lime green painted accent walls, this popular color was the number one choice of 2014.  As a result, brands like Mayline and Cherryman have added a variety of cool lime green upholstery options for office chairs and reception benching alike. Look for this trend to stay hot in the months to come, but as with all color trends... the lime green movement will eventually shift to the next hot color!

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