Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 Ways To Better Survive The Holiday Hangover At Work

Holiday Hangover Cures
With the holiday season behind us, it's time to get back to the real world. That being said, many of us suffer from the dreaded holiday hangover and find it hard to focus at work. Luckily, in today's post we'll be sharing 5 awesome ways to help you transition smoothly back into the grind. Enjoy!

1.) Get A Good Nights Rest

A good work day starts with a good nights rest. Starting your first day back to work after the holidays feeling tired and groggy will no doubt set you off on the wrong track. Be sure to hit the sack at a reasonable hour and prepare for your day in advance. Pick out your clothes the night before, set the coffee timer, and minimize the morning tasks. These simple things combined with a good nights rest will help you enjoy a much better return to cubicle life.

2.) Eat A Nutritious Breakfast

A good hearty breakfast is sure to fill you up, but can also leave you feeling tired during your first days back to work after the holiday break. Plan in advance for your first days back with a trip to the grocery store. Pick up some nutritious fruits, yogurts, breakfast bars, and other tasty treats that will provide you with the energy you need to start your morning right. A nutritious breakfast will help you lay a strong foundation for your day and will no doubt put you in a better mood.

3.) Get A Breath of Fresh Air

All that quality time at home with your family will no doubt leave you feeling bummed to be stuck back in the office. Do yourself a favor and get outside for a breath of fresh air. Roll back the office chair, step away from the paper work, and get outside. It will really do you good! Consider taking a walk with a few coworkers to stretch your legs. You can even eat lunch outside. Rest assured, some sunlight and clouds is a far better holiday hangover remedy than your computer screen.

4.) Have Lunch With The Family

Eating a microwaveable meal at your office desk is lonely and no cure for the holiday hangover! Give the family a quick call and go out to lunch together. Remember when you are at lunch to order something healthy. After all the holiday feasting you've no doubt endured, it's time to start transitioning back into quality, healthy meals that don't leave you ready for a nap when you've finished them! A little family time at lunch will help you break up the work day and set your mind at ease.

5.) Plan A Relaxing Weekend

After all the holiday hoopla, going back to work can be mentally and physically exhausting. Give yourself something to look forward to like a relaxing weekend to rest and recover. A little reward for a solid week back at the office will have you motivated and operating far more efficiently the following week.

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