Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas 2014: 6 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Office

Christmas at work is usually really fun, or really boring. We prefer option one! To help our valued readers better enjoy the holiday season around the office, we thought we'd share 6 super fun and easy ways to improve your decorating and get the team more involved. Enjoy!

1.) Office Chair Reindeers

This is a fun one that's really easy and affordable. Simply grab a few pairs of those silly reindeer horns available at most dollar stores and attach them to the back of your task chairs with tape. You may have to trim them up a bit, but before you know it you'll be seeing little antlers poking up over the cubicle tops!

2.) Santa's Workshop

Tired of the same old Christmas decorations around the office? Try going with a themed approach like Santas workshop! You can turn the boss's office into Santa's house and the work floor into the main workshop. Fun elf decorations and signs can typically be found at any hobby store as well as some great pics for inspiration on everyone's favorite search engine!

3.) Personalized Stockings

Everyone loves a good stocking stuffer! Consider picking up a few stockings from any local store and personalize them with the names of your beloved coworkers. If you have the opportunity, swing out and grab a few candies and trinket type gifts to add to the stockings on Christmas. This way, when your work friends return they'll be greeted by a fun little surprise.

4.) Team Wreaths

Does your office work in teams, departments, or groups regularly? If so, Christmas is a great time for a little team bonding. Suggest a team wreath decorating competition amongst your coworkers to get the creative juices flowing. You'll first want to start by picking up a few of the same wreaths from the local hardware store. Provide some basic rules and come up with a group oriented prize. At the end of the competition you'll have a happier team of employees and some really cool wrests to decorate those cubicle walls with!

5.) Mini Trees

Instead of having just one large and cumbersome Christmas tree taking up half the office floor, consider having each team or department create one mini tree as a group. You can make it a competition like the wreaths listed above, or just a fun way to show a little team spirit.

6.) Holiday Wish Board

Holiday wish boards are easy to create and fun to use around the office. They also look great and will generate some laughs! Simply pick up a piece of poster board and write the title "Holiday Wish Board" at the top. You can decorate your board to look a bit more festive... it's definitely suggested. Then tell your co workers to write down a few holiday wishes throughout the season. By the end of December you'll have some really great wishes to read out loud during the office Christmas party.

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