Monday, July 10, 2017

What's Hot? Mid Century Seating, Collaborative Tables, and More!

Mid Century SeatingYou should never stop looking for unique ways to keep your office interiors up to date and inline with industry standards. That's where we come in! Today on the Office Anything Blog we'll showcase the hottest new trends and products available in 2017. From mid century modern seating to electronic desks, we'll have you ready to rock your remodels.

Mid Century Seating

This year, the mid century modern look is hot! You can't go wrong with mid century side chairs and conference room seating solutions from brands like Modway. Trendy mid century chairs like the Seg offer a unique vibe that's sure to make your corporate waiting area pop. In addition to Modway, trendy Woodstock Marketing office chairs with mid century flair like Hendrix are a must consider for executive interiors and boardrooms.

Collaborative TablesCollaborative Tables

The ability to spark creativity and promote employee interaction is simply too much for businesses to pass up. While cubicle systems are great for privacy, innovative new tables that connect are becoming the preferred choice for work floor remodels. Modular table and benching collections with surface level power ports like Bungee SL from Global are kicking productivity levels into high gear and setting a new industry standard.

Coastal Office FurnitureCoastal Finishes

Gray and white office furniture finishes are taking over! Sure traditional tones like cherry and mahogany will always have their place, but they better make room. The coastal look is hotter than ever. With light grays and whites in the workplace you'll make your interiors feel larger and upscale. If you're loving the look, check out Global finishes like White Chocolate and Textured Driftwood from Mayline.

Vivo Perch StoolPerch Stools

They swivel, tilt, and rotate! It sounds like a bad infomercial, but in truth, perch stool are pretty darn cool. The ability to work at standing height surfaces with a little extra support is hard to beat. Innovative Perch stools like the Vivo from OFM are just starting to scratch the surface of their popularity. At just $156.99, this office add-on packs a major ergonomic punch.

Weight Sensing Office ChairWeight Sensing Task Chairs

Why waste time pulling mechanism levers and twisting tension knobs throughout the work day when your chair can do it for you? That was Global's thinking when they envisioned new weight sensing office chairs like the Spritz. The ability to minimize the ergonomic learning curve while simultaneously improving posture was a no-brainer. These days, nearly every reputable office chair manufacturer on the planet is crafting some sort of weight sensing, self adjusting, auto responding chair to keep you healthy and at your best.

Electronic DeskElectronic Desks

You can go up and down at the push of a button with a fancy electronic desk. Why is this important you ask? Because sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span. Electronic sit to stand desks promote continuous movement in the workplace. They help battle fatigue and other office ailments caused from extended sits like poor blood flow. Electronic executive desks like the STL37H2 from the Mayline Sterling collection boast height adjustable returns that will make you feel like you're working with a Transformer!  This booming trend is rapidly becoming an industry standard that health conscious workers can't overlook.

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