Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Cherryman 415W Eon Chair Is Here!

415W Cherryman Eon Office Chair
Gray Mesh Office Chair with A White FrameHow do you make a best selling office chair even better? Craft it in a gray on white color scheme. That's right, the 415W Eon chair is finally here. This long anticipated release from Cherryman is sure to have the seating world abuzz. The Eon is packed with ergo features designed to promote healthy operating on a budget. Today on the blog we'll take a look at the 415W and tell you why it's sure to be the hottest new chairs on the market.

High Performance Task ChairIn terms of style, the 415W Eon task chair has everything you should be looking for. Rest assured, there's no hotter color scheme than gray on white. While the 415B Eon chair made an impression, this new edition is ready to raise the bar. With sleek curves and a polished aluminum base, the 415W Eon is sure to earn your workspace the compliments it deserves.

Best Office ChairThe ergonomic features that come standard on the Eon chair are second to none. First and foremost you'll enjoy a high breathable mesh back that's durable and supportive. A set of 6-way adjustable arms are also standard that make finding correct and healthy computing positions a breeze.

Picture of Eon Chair BackAll Eon office chairs feature thick padded seats and advanced synchro tilt mechanisms that boast accessible controls that are very user friendly. You'll also be rewarded with a 2" seat slider. Yep, this professional grade computer chair is the total package.

Plain and simple, we feel this is the best office chair on the market priced under $300.00. The Eon offers an exceptional combination of value, comfort, and appeal. Finding a chair that sits this good for less than five hundred bucks is practically unheard of.

Cherryman Office ChairsEon chairs are perfect for both home and business computing needs. This user friendly swivel chair for everyday use will make you feel like you're sitting on a cloud. While most of today's top rated chairs are a bit difficult to master, Eon simplifies the sit and will have you operating at peak performance levels in no time.

Not all office chairs are created equal. Sure some are value priced. Some offer high end ergonomic features, and some are very stylish. But very few have it all. The Eon is well rounded and unrivaled in a world filled with thousands of competing models.

415W Cherryman Eon Chair RatingWe feel very confident recommending the new Eon 415W model task chair with a white frame and gray mesh back to any shoppers looking to give their interior a style infusion without sacrificing quality, comfort, and a ton of money. This new chair gets a well deserved 5 out of 5 star rating from our team.

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