Friday, July 14, 2017

Make A Modern Statement With Medina Components

Interior design teams and industry professionals love the Mayline Medina collection. This full service line of executive workstations, power ready conference room tables, guest reception desks, and accessories offers exceptional value and appeal. Today we'll take a look at the modern components from this best selling collection and the reasons why they're amongst the best options available for your interiors.

Medina U Shaped DeskMedina executive desks simplify the remodeling process. Sure components are available individually if you need to go custom, but they're also offered in pre-configured packages that are hard to beat. Medina typicals like the MNT40 provide ample operating space, storage, and a reversible U shaped desk design that's perfect for executives. Need something a bit smaller? Check out the stand alone MND72 office desk. It's just $320.99 and can be enhanced with a variety of returns and surface extensions if you ever need them!

Medina Conference FurniturePowered conference room tables can be pretty expensive. If you're part of a budgeting business that would like to streamline your meetings without breaking the bank, check out the Medina conference room furniture collection. Popular tables like the MNC8 are available for just $520.99. Up to two power modules can be added for $235.00 apiece. By industry standards, this is incredibly affordable as most cost around a thousand bucks.

Mayline Medina ComponentsYou'll no doubt want to accessorize your conference room with a few cool add-ons. Yet again, the components from the Medina collection have you professional needs in mind. By integrating a MNPB model wall mount Medina presentation board into your meeting area you'll be able to jot down important notes, host more interactive presentations, and create a fashionable look that blends with your table without taking up valuable floor space.

Medina Meeting TableThis popular Mayline office furniture collection truly has it all. Even when space is limited, Medina is ready to shine. Small meeting tables from this line like the MNC48 promote collaboration and creativity, along with cutting edge appeal that's sure to earn your interior the compliments it deserves. This 48" meeting table with a round top is a great buy at $288.99.

L Shaped Reception Desk with Glass TopYou're not doubt looking for ways to make a lasting impression on your value business visitors. Trust us, a Medina reception desk will get you started on the right foot from the moment your guests walk in the door. The contemporary guest welcome desks from the Medina collection like MNRSLBF boast glass accented transaction counters and silver accent trim. This L shaped desk for the reception area also includes 2 full sized pedestals for file and stationary storage.

MVLC Low Wall Medina Cabinet That Locks
Last but certainly not least, Medina has your organizational needs in mind. As no professional interior is complete without a few storage products, Medina is ready to maximize your square footage with an array of bookcases, pedestals, wall cabinets, and filing cabinets that lock for document security. Rest assured, the days of using old school vertical files that double as office eye sores are over. Full service component collections like Medina will help you create an upscale look with woodgrain laminate storage solutions available in 5 designer finish options. Of all the Mayline Medina storage components available on the market, we particularly love the MVLC low wall cabinet. It's classy, modern, and spacious. This unique piece is perfect for executive interiors, corporate waiting areas, and conference room environments.

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