Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Trend Spotting: Retro Accent Tables, White Desktop Risers, and More!

Retro Coffee Table with Wheels and Storage BinsIf you're ready to give your office interiors a facelift, you're in the right place. Today on the Office Anything Blog we're showcasing high fashion accent tables, white desktop risers, and more. These trendy new products are perfect for boosting corporate appeal as well as versatility.

Retro Accent Tables

When it comes to fashionable furniture, Modway knows their stuff. This reputable brand is now offering retro accent tables for the waiting room, living room, and lobby that are sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves. Popular options like the EEI-2644 Fairground coffee table boast heavy duty frames and thick wood surfaces that will help you create a trendy retro vibe. As an added bonus, this particular table features retractable wire bins that will help you keep your waiting room reading material well organized.

White Desktop Risers

White Sit To Stand Desk AttachmentDesktop risers are hot in 2017. They promote sit to stand operating and continuous movement in the workplace. Sadly they've done little to improve office appeal, until now. Brands like Systematix are stepping it up with white risers that boast cutting edge good looks. Their white Volante desktop riser is a must consider for your personal workspace. It provides a ton of health benefits for just $299.99.

Sit To Stand Office FurnitureYou'll also want to check out the 5200S desktop riser from OFM. It's available in white for $260.99. This sit to stand ergonomic solution boasts a clamp on design that works with just about any surface. The 5200S also features a spacious keyboard platform to encourage healthy computing when working from the standing position.

Gray Office Chairs

Gray Mesh Office Chair with White FrameGray is the new black! Sure black office chairs will always have a place, but it's time to think outside the box. Chairs like the 415W from the Cherryman Eon seating collection are the perfect option. They're modern without being too over the top, and best of all, they're affordable. This gray mesh office chair with a white frame comes packed with ergo features to compliment it's high fashion look. The 415W Eon chair is perhaps the best new office chair on the market for under three hundred bucks.

Designer Side Chairs

Mid Century Modern Accent ChairGive your waiting room a boost with fashionable side chairs! Popular options like the Kate from Global are the perfect way to accent your space and make a great impression on your valued visitors. Sure a traditional lounge chair and sofa configuration will do the trick, but that design route has become a bit dated. Trendy accent chairs like this one will make your space pop.

Writing Desks

White Writing DeskAs more and more workers have made the switch to laptops, traditional desks have become less popular. This year, writing style desks with an open concept feel have become the preferred choice of the home. Traditional office desks provide a lot of wire management and concealment. That being said, if you work primarily from a laptop you won't need it. Writing desks are typically more affordable than traditional options and they'll make your interior look far more fashionable. Brands like Mayline, Modway, Flash Furniture, and Cherryman all offer awesome options to consider.

Connectable Tables

Connectable Office Tables
Last but not least, we want to tell you about connectable office tables. They make it easy to transition between conference and training applications. Nearly every reputable furniture manufacturer on the planet is kicking their old school fixed leg table collections to the curb and replacing them with connectable solutions to improve workplace versatility. Connectable tables with mobilized bases and folding tables will help you boost collaborative efforts while maximizing square footage. They're a must consider for any growing business.

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