Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Shop Smart: 2016's Coolest Office Chairs Under $250

You don't have to spend a fortune to get comfortable! Today on the Office Anything Blog we'll highlight 2016's coolest office chairs under two hundred and fifty bucks. These high quality ergonomic seating solutions provide the adjustable features needed to reach peak performance levels in the workplace without breaking the budget. Enjoy!

Ambarella Task ChairFirst up, our favorite all around chair buy of 2016. The iDesk Ambarella task chair from Cherryman Industries comes standard with everything you need to sit correct. This supportive office chair offers a distinctive look thats sure to wow your valued office visitors. At just $206.50, you'll be hard pressed to find a better task chair at even twice the price.

Retro Office ChairGo retro with this wood accented office chair from Flash Furniture. The SD-SDM-2235-5-BK-GG leather executive chair may have an extremely long model number, but at just $176.99, who cares? We sure don't! This super cool office chair promotes good blood flow with its waterfall seat edge. The padded arms and polished chrome features work together to provide unmatched appeal and a reliable sitting experience that any user is sure to appreciate.

Eurotech Seating Hawk ChairSoar into comfort with the Hawk chair from Eurotech Seating! This cool and contemporary mesh chair provides a super sleek frame design that's complimented by a breathable mesh back. The Hawk chair is available in a wide range of unique color combinations that are sure to let your personality shine. At just $202.50 the Hawk chair is truly an excellent buy!

OFM Stars ChairThe OFM Stars seating collection is ready to accommodate private office interiors and guest waiting areas. This long time favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals is enjoying success yet again in 2016. The 326-AA3 model Stars office chair from OFM comes equipped with a multi functional mechanism and adjustable T shaped arms. The perforated back is easy to clean. The metal frame is very durable and ready to withstand the rigors of the modern workplace. When paired with a well padded seat and $204.99 price tag, you'll be highly rewarded if you choose to invest in this top quality chair.

White Leather Conference ChairThe B9406 model leather conference chair from Boss offers the perfect combination of style and comfort. This contemporary chair is perfect for upscale meeting areas. If you're up against a tight project deadline the B9406 is the perfect option! Both the black and white variations of the B9406 model chair are typically in stock and ship from the factory within 2 days of order.  Even at first glance, this segmented cushion chair will impress you. The polished base and frame accents pair perfectly with modern conference room tables. Chairs like the B9406 are rapidly replacing the traditional executive style conference room chairs of years passed. The B9406 saves space around the table and makes it easy to maximize seating potential. At just $216.99, this well rounded office chair from Boss provides a trend setting look and comfortable sit you're meeting area guests will love.

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