Thursday, March 24, 2016

Office Epidemics: 5 Bad Posture Habits Exposed

Bad Posture At WorkPoor posture will surely result in back pain and discomfort in the workplace. That being said, it's absolutely essential to form good sitting habits. Make the most of your work day by avoiding falling prey to this common office epidemic. Today on the blog, well expose 5 common posture problems experienced by the everyday worker and simple ways to resolve them with minimal effort. Enjoy!

Office Posture Habits1.) Perching

Do you ever find yourself sitting with your feet propped up on the base of your office chair? That's perching! This poor posture habit restricts blood flow and limits functionality. Your best bet is to operate with your feet facing forward and flat on the ground. The natural sitting position may not be the coolest, but it's certainly the most beneficial!

2.) The Lazy Boy

Your office chair may recline, but that doesn't make it a recliner! Don't extend your legs out in front of your and cross your feet like you do on those long Saturday movie session. Much like perching, this poor posture habit limits blood flow and will have you falling prey to fatigue in no time.

3.) Hunching

Hunching Over To TypeThe back of your task chair provides lot's of ergonomic values that you don't want to miss out on by hunching over your keyboard tray to type. Each time you lean away from your office chair to work, your spine left fitting the bill. Strive to keep your back in contact with you chair at all times to achieve correct posture and optimal support.

4.) Stare Down

Still having trouble remembering where those computer keys are? It's time to break the habit of looking down to type. When you stare down at your computer keyboard tray you're falling into bad posture. Looking down puts strain on your neck and causes unnecessary fatigue that can be avoided with a little practice. Even if you've mastered the keyboard, you'll still need to make sure your computer screen is at eye level. While an ergonomic monitor arm is the preferred choice, if funds are tight, you can get by with a stack of books to ensure you're not looking down at your monitors.

Posture Habits Exposed
5.) Extended Sits

Even workers with great posture habits can slip back into a rut. To avoid falling prey to this epidemic, take short breaks! As sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span, make it a point to stand up and walk around once an hour. Get the blood flowing! Grab a sip of water. Get some fresh air. Do whatever it takes to avoid sitting at your desk for more than an hour at a time. You'll return to your desk rejuvenated and ready to operate using those quality posture habits you've worked hard to master.

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