Thursday, July 9, 2015

Top 7 GSA Approved Office Chairs by Global Total Office

Finding GSA approved seating to meet your specific ergonomic needs, budget, and style preference is often easier than it sounds! While government entities enjoy excellent pricing on chairs and furniture, the selection can be quite limited. Lucky for you, we're here to help! In today's post we'll highlight the top 7 best selling GSA approved office chairs from our friends at Global Total Office. Rest assured, these chairs will keep you comfortable and looking great without breaking the budget.

1.) Spree

Global Total Office Spree Chair

Global's newest chair, the Spree, has taken the seating world by storm. These highly contoured computer and tasking chairs provide excellent support and the high end ergonomic features needed to reach peak performance levels in the workplace. Spree chairs are available in a variety of super cool mesh back color options to let any GSA shopper showcase their individual style!

2.) G20

G20 6008 Model Chair

The G20 seating collection from Global Total Office was introduced with two main models. The 6007 model G20 chair features a black mesh back while the 6008 model G20 Cloud chair features a white mesh back. Both models feature highly tooled nylon components that create crisp simple profiles. G20 chairs offer
synchronized mechanisms that allow the back to smoothly tilt while the seat also gently reclines and slides to the rear. These GSA approved office chairs are truly cutting edge!

3.) Concorde Presidential

Global Total Office Concorde Presidential Chair

The Concorde 2409 Presidential Office Chair by Gobal Total Office has been relied upon by U.S. presidents for years. These highly comfortable leather office chairs offer premier ergonomic features, extreme attention to detail, and heavy duty frames for optimal support. The Concorde Presidential is regarded as one of the absolute best office chairs on the market by seating professionals.

4.) Ride 2611-1

Global Total Office 2611-1 Ride Chair

While mesh and leather office chairs dominate the seating world, shoppers in search of chairs in designer fabric options are often left short handed. Luckily, Global Total Office provides GSA Approved Task Chair solutions like the 2611-1 model from the popular Ride collection. These comfortably office chairs can be spec'd in a wide range of upholstery grades from Global to meet your specific decor needs. When combined with their excellent ergonomic attributes, the Ride chair is hard to beat!

5.) Twilight 2199C

Global Total Office Twilight Chair 2199C

When outfitting training environments with GSA approved seating, look no further than the 2199C model from the Global Total Office Twilight Seating collection. These mobilized training chairs feature stylish wood backs and comfortably padded seats. Choose from a variety of attractive wood and fabric options to create stunning learning environments.

6.) Diplomat

Global Total Office Diplomat Chair

Perfect for guest reception and waiting room use, the Global Total Office Diplomat chair series combines wood arm caps, metal frames, and attractive fabric seating surfaces. These versatile side chairs are sure to make a lasting impression on valued visitors. Diplomat chairs are surprisingly affordable, and equally comfortable!

7.) Flexon 2149

Global Total Office 2149 Flexon Chair

Last but not least, Global Total Office Flexon 2149 chairs are perfect for event applications. These stackable guest chairs are manufactured using easy to clean and incredibly durable polypropylene seating surfaces. When combined with sturdy metal legs, Flexon chairs are ready to last your government organization a lifetime. All Flexon models including the 2149 are available with optional dolly's to make transport and storage breeze.

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