Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Office Innovations: OFM Morph Seating

Linen Morph Chair by OFM
With the official release of the OFM Morph Seating Collection just around the corner, we thought it would be beneficial to review this awesome new line and it's high tech benefits. As OFM is always ahead of the curve, the Morph seating collection raises the bar and offers distinctive characteristics that set it apart from all other lounge furniture lines on the market in 2015.


At first glance you'll notice the incredibly modern design features of the morph seating collection. The contemporary lines, segmented cushions, and silver metal bases work together to form some of the coolest seating for guest waiting areas that money can buy.

Privacy Walls:

The flip up privacy panel puts the Morph collection in a league of it's own. Whether you're in an airport setting or doctors office, a little privacy when waiting is always appreciated. The ability to quickly raise the outer walls of the Morph improves the guest waiting experience and reediness functionality!

Powered Furniture
Power Features:

OFM is paving the way for the powered lounge furniture trend! While other top manufactures are scrambling to keep up, OFM is releasing innovative seating solutions like the Morph that allow users to plug devices directly into chair when visiting your business. No more searching for outlets! Morph power modules feature 2 USB inputs and an AC outlet that are conveniently located at the top of chair arms. Simply carton your new chairs, plug in the main power cord, and you're ready to roll. No assembly required! These plug and pay chairs are poised to change the way we look at reception, lobby, and waiting room furniture.

Morph Models: 

The Morph collection will be introduced with two main models. The 2201 lounge chair features generous dimensions and works great in any waiting space. The 2202 Morph sofa can be used to seat up to 3 guests comfortably. Both models feature powered arms, privacy panels, and chrome bases at no additional charge.

Slate Morph Chair
Color Options:

Morph lounge chairs and sofas will be available in 3 attractive color options that pair well with the standard chrome bases. The Linen option looks the most high end and upscale. The off white cream tone creates a neutral canvas that makes matching accent furnishings a breeze. The most traditional color option is Midnight. This classic black color option is sure to be the best sellers and look great in nearly any space. Last but not least, a slate upholstery option is the best of both worlds. As gray leather and wood grain tones have dominated the market in 2015, OFM's Slate color option will have your space looking up to date in no time.
OFM Morph Sofa

Final Thoughts:

The Morph collection is changing the way industry professionals and design teams look at lounge furniture. Now interiors can be so much more! The ability to create user friendly, versatile, and incredibly functional waiting atmospheres is simply to enticing to pass up. This new seating from OFM offers the appeal and high tech features needed to enhance both aesthetic value and productivity in the workplace. We give the Morph collection 5 stars. You'll be hard pressed to find more effective seating on the market at even twice the price.

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