Friday, July 10, 2015

5 Extreme Office Chair Activities (Don't Try These At Home!)

Warning: The following article features stunts that were performed neither by experts nor under the supervision of experts - but they sure are fun! If you're looking for a way to spice up your boring office life, some extreme office chair activities and games might be just the thing you're looking for. So oil those casters and tighten those screws, the next Office Olympics is about to begin!


Looking for the perfect office party game? Cinderella is one of our favorites! The game must be played with an even number of players. Each player picks a single partner, and one of them sits down while the other stands beside them, blindfolded. Next, the seated player takes off both of his/her shoes and throws them across the room at the same time as all the other seated players. On "go," the blindfolded players must retrieve the shoes of their seated partner, according to their partner's directions! Not only is this game hysterical, but it also helps build teamwork among coworkers. The first pair to have both shoes on their seated player's feet wins!

* Bonus Tip: For an extra extreme game, try playing with mobile conference chairs to up the ante! This time, the seated players must wheel themselves around in a continuous circle as they shout instructions to their partner, who then tries to put their shoes on while the line is moving. It ups the difficulty and the silliness for a dizzier game we like to call, "Cinderella at the Ball!"

Mediaeval Times

Hark! Be it known to all citizens that yonder game is not without peril! 

In more plain speak, "Mediaeval Times" is all about bringing a touch of the olden days to the modern era, and what better way to do that than with an old-fashioned joust? Yep. We went there. Likely a favorite game of Jim Carrey's Cable Guy, office chair jousting has been rising in popularity since chairs were first given wheels. In order to play, simply find a hallway and arm each opponent with a mobile chair to serve as their steed, and some form of a lance. Since this is a professional environment, nonlethal lances (such as cardboard poster tubes) are best. Then, situate each knight across from the other and shout something Mediaeval like, "For Camelot!" The knights then charge one another for the glory of bragging rights!

* Warning: It may sound like fun, but this game can be very dangerous. Make sure to only use quality built task chairs with tight screws. Goggles and makeshift armor are fun, and they also serve a safety purpose, so consider using them before jousting!

Leaps of Faith

Come one, come all to witness the newest extreme sport for the workplace - office chair jumping! This activity definitely gives the sense that it was invented by a couple of active office workers who got a little too tired of the sedentary life. Office chair jumping requires a sturdy ramp, sturdy chairs, and a sturdy sense of adventure. Jumpers simply find a long hallway, set up a ramp, grab some chairs, and see how high they can fly!

* Bonus Tip: Mid back chairs and backless stools are ideal for this activity since jumpers have a better view of where they're heading while they hurtle down the halls.

Zip-Zap Scramble

This memory game is an excellent way to break the ice among new employees or a group of trainees. To play, move all the furniture out of the way so that players sit in a circle of training room chairs, with one player standing in the middle. First, have each player say their name. Next, the player in the middle points to someone and calls either "zip" or "zap." If they call "zip," then the person they point to must say the name of the player on their right. "Zap" means they must say the name of the person on their left. The middle player may also call "scramble," meaning everyone has to switch seats. If the players do not say a name or scramble within ten seconds, they are the new middle player.

A Cold Wind Blows

Everyone's played Musical Chairs at one time or another. "A Cold Wind Blows" offers a fun twist that even adults can enjoy! Like Musical Chairs, seats are arranged in a circle with one less chair than the number of players. Instead of playing music though, one person stands in the center as the "cold wind." They may then call a number of specifications, such as:

"A cold wind blows for anyone in marketing!"
"A cold wind blows for anyone wearing blue!"
" A cold wind blows for supervisors only!"

During this time, any player who meets said requirements must stand up and try to find a new seat, while the "cold wind" tries to find a seat too. Whoever is left standing is the new "cold wind." Best of all, since no one is eliminated, the game can go on with everyone playing for as long as you want!

* Bonus Tip: This game is fun with stationary chairs if there are many players. However, if there are only 10 or so players, you may use desk chairs with wheels so that players can wheel around in a loop while the "cold wind" is giving calls, to make the game more challenging.

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