Monday, July 13, 2015

Shop Smart: Eurotech Office Chairs

Selecting a new office chair from Eurotech Seating is just plain smart! This highly respected chair manufacturer takes pride in their innovative designs and commitment to ergonomics. In today's post we'll take a look at the value, quality craftsmanship, user friendly features, trend setting designs, and lifetime warranty available on all of Eurotech's chairs. Enjoy!

1.) Excellent Value

Eurotech Seating Astra Mesh Back Chair

Eurotech chairs are a great buy! This professional seating provider offers some of the best task, computer, and executive chairs on the market at incredibly competitive prices. Their new Astra mesh back task chair priced $203.50 is an excellent option for shoppers on a tight budget, while long time favorites like the Ergohuman are perfect for high end work environments. When you compare competitive seating solutions on the market, you'll find that Eurotech offers far more for far less, and that's shopping smart!

2.) Quality Craftsmanship

Eurotech Seating iOO Office Chair

If you're looking to shop smart for your next office chair, you'll no doubt be searching for well made seating that's built to last. Look no further than Eurotech! Their modern task chairs and computer chairs are incredibly durable and ready to enhance your interiors for years to come. You simply can't go wrong with a Eurotech chair. In models like the the new iOO, the attention to detail can be seen in nearly every component. It's no wonder why this popular brand has had at least one chair on our best sellers list for the last decade!

3.) User Friendly Features

Eurotech Seating Frasso High Back Chair

Most of the cutting edge ergonomic chairs available in 2015 offer high tech features that can be confusing if you're not familiar with chair operation! While adjustable ergonomic features are incredibly important, they won't be worth much if you don't know how to use them properly. Thankfully, seating manufacturers like Eurotech offer user friendly chairs that can be mastered in under 30 minutes. New models like the Frasso come standard with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a modern office chair. They are also easy to control and familiarize yourself with! Rest assured, you don't want to purchase a fancy new office chair, only to find you're out of your league when trying to operate it correctly. A user friendly ergonomic chair from Eurtoech will allow you to adjust quickly to find optimal working positions in a flash.

4.) Trend Setting Designs

Eurotech Seating Ergo Elite Chair

All of Eurotech's office chairs can be used effectively in a variety of office applications, making them incredibly versatile. Their trend setting chair designs from seating collections like Concept 2.0, Wau, Chakra, and Fuzion, have changed the ergo world forever! Eurotech is always pushing the industry forward. Each year they remove designs most chair manufacturers could only dream to have, only to make way for more innovative models. From segmented cushioned executive chairs, to highly adjustable ergonomic mesh chairs, Eurotech sets trends every year that will now doubt have you operating at peak performance levels and looking great while doing it.

5.) Lifetime Parts Warranty

Lifetime Office Chair Warranty

Last but certainly not least, any smart shopper will be on the lookout for office chairs that include a warranty! That being said, all Eurotech office chairs include a lifetime warranty to cover your chair's components agents defects. It's nice to see manufacturers stand behind their products! Chair arm not functioning properly after 5 years? No problem! Eurotech will happily fix or replace the part if needed with no hassle. They say you get what you pay for, but with Eurotech you get much more. Shop smart and choose an awesome new chair from Eurotech for your personal business needs. You'll be glad you did!

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