Friday, June 12, 2015

Here's 5 Ways To Make Your Boardroom Great In 2015

Want to make your boardroom great in 2015? Today's post is for you! Here's we'll be showcasing 5 great ways to make your meeting area the best it can be. From creating professional appeal to providing visual aids, the tips and product suggestions in today's post are a must read.

Professional Appeal

You'll want to wow your boardroom visitors the minute they walk into your space. That being said, creating professional appeal is an essential part of the boardroom makeover process. When redesigning your space, consider the little details like wall color and room accents. A cool lamp, piece of wall art, or area rug will go a long way in your quest to create the perfect meeting area. In addition,  by keeping your space clean and well organized you'll show just how classy your business is. Earn your boardroom the compliments it deserves by creating professional appeal!

Comfortable Seating

Once you've guests are impressed with your decor, they'll be taking their seats for the first time. Keep in mind that no matter how great your space looks, without comfortable seating, your guests will be disengaged from the content being delivered. Comfort also plays a key role in boardroom productivity and effectiveness. When you comfortable, you work better. It's as simple as that! Enhance your space with well ergonomic conference room chairs that aren't too bulky. This will help you maximize the number of guests that can be accommodated around your table. Let's review a few awesome conference room chairs that are ready to get the job done right!

Best Conference Room Chairs of 2015:

  • Cherryman Industries iDesk Curva Chair
  • Global Total Office Kate Conference Chair
  • Woodstock Marketing Hendrix Chair
  • Eurotech Seating Frasso Chair


Modern office design teams and furniture specialists will tell you that powering up your space is a must in 2015! Top rated office furniture manufacturers like Global Total Office and Mayline have introduced cutting edge boardroom tables with easy to spec power options designed to streamline the meeting process. These tables can be outfitted with USB, phone, data, audio, HDMI, and three prong inputs that will help you avoid running extension cords across your room to power devices.

Best Powered Conference Table Collections of 2015:

  • Global Total Office Zira Series
  • Mayline TransAction Series
  • Mayline Medina Series
  • Cherryman Industries Verde Series


By providing wall cabinets and boardroom storage solutions around the walls of your space, you'll be more equipped to keep your interior nice and neat at all times. A well organized space shows professionalism that will surely be appreciated by your guests. Limited on floor space? No problem! Consider adding wall mount hutch units that can be attached above floor level cabinets to provide additional storage. You can also add a hospitality cart to house snacks and beverages effectively!

Visual Aids

Last but certainly not least, you'll want to outfit your boardroom with effective visual aids. In 2015, mobile presentation boards, folding white board cabinets, and flat screen televisions have all been common additions to boardroom makeover projects. Consider incorporating these items into your space. The benefits gained will take your performance to the next level!

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