Friday, June 26, 2015

Use These Trending Office Chairs To Match YOUR Workspace Makeover Theme!

Show your design ingenuity by selecting a cool office chair to match your makeover theme! In today's post, we'll showcase the top office chairs on the market in 2015 for modern, retro, traditional, and contemporary makeover projects. These chairs offer the adjustable features needed to keep you comfortable with the cohesive style characteristics to match your space to perfection. Enjoy!

Modern: Eurotech Seating iOO Chair

Eurotech Seating iOO Chair

Looking to create a cutting edge office interior? You'll need the perfect chair! The Eurotech Seating iOO mesh back chair is the perfect solution. These upscale ergonomic taskers provide user friendly adjustment features and modern lines that will wow your office visitors. The iOO is available in all black or the ultra modern black on white combo color combination. With it's polished aluminum base, multi functional arms, and pronounced lumbar support, the iOO chair has taken the seating world by storm in 2015. Check out one of these trending office chairs from Eurotech Seating today. You'll be glad you did!

Retro: Woodstock Marketing Hendrix Chair

Retro Office Chair

The Woodstock Marketing Hendrix leather chair features retro design characteristics that include a segmented cushion design and polished frame. While these classic chairs may look vintage, they maintain a commitment to key ergonomic values you'll surely appreciate when sitting for long durations. The classy leather office chairs from the Hendrix line include black, brown, white, and gray leather models in both high back and mid back variations. From the executive office to the boardroom, Hendrix chairs are the premier option for retro office makeover projects of 2015.

Traditional: Boss B850 Chair

Traditional Leather Office Chair

Traditional office makeover themes maintain their popularity year after year. The elegant nature of wood veneer office furniture is sure to up the aesthetic value of any space. Unfortunately, traditional office furniture can also come with a hefty price tag that won't leave you with much budget to spare for your chair! Luckily, brands like Boss Office are here to help! With traditionally inspired office chairs like the B850, complimenting your traditional interior just got easy. At just $480.99, shoppers will be rewarded with a luxurious black leather office chair with overstuffed cushions and brass nail head trim.

Contemporary: Cherryman iDesk Curva Chair

iDesk Curva High Back Chair

Released just a few short weeks ago, the iDesk Curva chair from Cherryman Industries is already making it's mark on contemporary makeover projects. These top of the line seating solutions offer the top quality craftsmanship industry professionals have come to expect from Cherryman. Needless to say, the Curva doesn't disappoint. With it's attractive loop arm design and leather headrests standard on high back models, the Curva is ready to take your interior to the next level. Curva offers the perfect blend of elegance and comfort to create one of the hottest chairs of the year.

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