Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Chair Compare: G20 vs. Vion

So it's come down to this. Two choices. But only one is the right choice for you. Which is it? Well, if you're upgrading to a new office chair, you've come to the right place. All too often, buyers get caught between what seems like two perfect options, especially when they're both exciting new models from a top quality brand. But never fear, we're here to help you make the right decision in this month's "Chair Compare", featuring the G20 vs. Vion!

Global G20 ChairGlobal Vion Chair

At First Glance

One thing's for sure, if you're trying to choose between the Vion and the G20 - you've definitely got terrific taste! The Vion and the G20 have strikingly similar designs. Both of these chair lines offer a mesh back styling to help cool the body during those long, hot days at the office. And both are available with chrome accents and a variety of color options. However, although the Vion chair line offers more sizes and models to choose from, the G20 offers more color choices. That means those shopping for a vibrant chair of many colors would likely benefit more from the G20. Meanwhile, shoppers in need of a uniform shape or look, where color variety isn't as much of an issue, might look to the Vion as an alternative.

Recap: The G20 offers a single chair design available in numerous colors. The Vion offers numerous chair designs with more limited color options.

Battle of the Brands

If you were hoping for a battle of the brands to help settle this dispute, keep hoping; the Vion and G20 chairs are actually cousins - but don't worry. They both come from an excellent family! These top quality mesh chairs hail from the world renowned furniture manufacturer, Global Total Office, one of the most highly regarded names in the industry. Well known for their commitment to superior design and concern for the environment, Global office products manage to combine ergonomic craftsmanship with affordability. Whether you choose the Vion or the G20, know you're in good hands with Global!

Recap: Both the Vion and G20 chairs are manufactured by the same high quality brand, Global Total Office.


Not surprisingly, both chair options offer an extensive array of valuable ergonomic features. Of course, because the Vion series boasts a number of single chair options, features may vary from model to model. However, the most common features of Vion collection chairs include a sliding seat depth adjustment, patented pneumatic Soft Descent lift, as well as the basics: adjustable arms, synchro tilt, contoured fit, tension adjuster, and waterfall seat, among others. Alternatively, the Global G20 office chair is a little more high tech. The design allows the chair to adjust automatically to body weight, and it has a synchronized back and seat slider for fluidity of movement. Adjustable lumbar and a back comprised of alternating rows of elastometric and polyester arms for durability.


The Vion (Model: 6321-8): Offers many notable features, including sliding seat depth, Soft Descent height adjustment, synchro tilt, waterfall seat, and contoured cushions. The basics (i.e. arm adjustment, tension adjustment, and tilt lock) are also included.

The G20 (Model: 6008): A little more high tech. The chair automatically senses and adjusts to a person's weight. A synchronized back and seat slider allows the user to lean back or forward comfortably without the need to readjust chair features. Adjustable lumbar support is also included, along with many of "the basics."


With all the difference in features, it's not a shock for most shoppers to expect a difference in price. Because the G20 model offers a technically superb design, this chair tends to lean towards the expensive. Currently priced at $580.99, the G20 does not ask more than it truly is worth - in fact, most manufacturers would likely charge more for a chair of this quality. Alternatively, the Vion series offers a little more flexibility. With the lines ergonomic task chairs ranging from $348.99 to $412.99, buyers have the option to choose according to what they prefer. Keep in mind, however, that the Vion collection also offers drafting and side chairs priced even lower than the task models. Anyone shopping in bulk would undoubtedly benefit from Vion's prices!

Recap: The G20 is currently priced at $580.99, likely due to the extensive technology involved in it's highly ergonomic design. The Vion series boasts several task chairs, currently ranging in price fro $348.99 to $412.99, while it's side and drafting chair models are priced even lower. All are excellent deals in their own right!

Final Decision

The choice was tricky, but we confidently come to the conclusion that the Vion collection by Global is the best choice for the office. While the G20 is certainly a worthy competitive chair, it's price and design tends to gear itself more to the individual rather than the whole office. Because the Vion collection offers numerous chair designs, all with incredible features and affordably priced, the line remains the most practical choice for any room in an office. Whether you decide on a Vion desk chair, a drafting model, or even a side chair for the lobby, this collection has you covered!

Recap: Vion chairs are the better choice for the conventional office setting. Those with physical pain, in need of higher quality ergonomics, or who want a chair with variety in color choice would benefit more from the individualized, customizable attributes of the G20.

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