Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Design 101: Creating Versatile Interiors

There's a lot of criticism surrounding open office configurations for business. But if companies like Google, Pixar, and Facebook have anything to say about it, the secret to success with an open office layout is plenty of versatile interiors! In today's article, we'll highlight top furniture items to help you achieve an open atmosphere in the workplace!

Nesting Chairs

Fast, convenient, and always maneuverable, folding chairs that nest are one of the best things an office can be furnished with. Whether you add them to your waiting room, other conference furniture, or even an auditorium, nesting chairs have long made the ideal companions for events of all kinds. But that's not all they can do! In an open office space, keeping a supply of nesting chairs stowed away nearby gives employees the opportunity to sit wherever they feel most comfortable to complete work. It also helps to accommodate offices with fluctuating numbers of employees, or rates of visitation.

Modular Conference Tables

Need a table that's as adaptable as your workspace? Look to the conference room! Adding affordable modular conference tables to an office is one of the simplest, most effective ways to make your space more versatile. This is because furniture designed to be modular is designed to meet a variety of needs. Tables like the ones from Global Total Office's "Bungee" collection come with a network of easily connectable units, so the tables can be organized in whatever layout will best suit the office's needs.

Flip Top Training Tables

For the active workplace, adding flip top training tables can be a life-saver. Designed with tabletops that easily fold or bend so that tables can be compactly stowed away, these adaptable surfaces keep an business place prepared for anything. Excellent for surprise events, sudden meetings, spur-of-the-moment conference time - and of course, training new recruits - flip top training tables always come in handy!

Tablet Chairs

Nothing suits an open office better than the ever convenient tablet chair! In most open office configurations, employees have the freedom to sit and work wherever they feel most comfortable. However, that doesn't always mean the places they choose to sit are the healthiest for their bodies. Adding ergonomic tablet chairs to your workplace increases the opportunity for employees to sit right. The design and lumbar support of an ergonomic task chair does wonders for the health of the spine by helping occupants retain the spine's natural S-shape. Add in a tablet, and workers have a healthy place to sit and use their laptop while encouraging better physical health. A few models, like the SKTRN-BLK Eduskate tablet chair for sale by Eurotech are even mobile!

Powered Furniture

Of course, one of the biggest criticisms of the open office format has to do with power. In the olden days, energy costs were lowered by crowding workers together in line after line of barricaded cubicles. Now, with the advent of open offices, those energy costs have increased. Instead of employees getting clustered into a vortex of cubicles, they now cluster around power outlets, hoping to charge the multiple handheld electronics vital to today's workforce. Thankfully, leading office furniture brands like Global and Symmetry now offer powered furniture for office use. Now, thanks to multi user desks and portable power towers, employees can cohesively opt for a shared space to work that will not only power their devices, but also improve communication and teamwork.

Ergonomic Desks

Finally, we leave you with ergonomic desks as our last tip for creating a versatile office interior. If you work in an office, you may have heard all the rumors about how "sitting is the new smoking." Unfortunately, many of these rumors are true. According to health experts, the typical office lifestyle where employees sit for eight or more hours per day can lead to serious health concerns. Due to chronic slouching and improper desk-chair alignment, seated workers often develop back pain, neck pain, leg pain, and even conditions as scary as blood clots. Adding ergonomic sit to stand desks allows employees to alternate between long periods of standing, and brief seated breaks. Not only does this improve pain relief, tone the core, and reduce health risks, but it also embodies that versatile office mentality where choice is the key to comfort!

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