Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY Office: Creating Aesthetic Appeal

Do it yourselfers have been amazing the internet for years. Not only do they make immense construction knowledge seem incredibly easy, but they definitely do it in style! This year, we've seen a lot of DIY fans trying their hand for the first time, and what better place to start than a small home office? For those of you looking to achieve excellent style and aesthetic appeal for your office this summer, here's a few good steps, tips, and tricks to make the task simpler. Enjoy!

Make A Plan

It's true there are some creative folks out there who can turn anything to gold with one  touch, but for most of us, a successful decorating project always begins with a smart plan. Research and brainstorm possible decor themes for the space. If you plan to order most of your larger furniture (rather than build it yourself), the best time to do this is right after you pick an idea. After gutting your current office of all the old stuff, ideally you'll want to pick some stylish new office furniture for sale next. This way, you'll have time to paint and prepare your space for it's arrival, so that when it gets to your door, you're all ready to set up.

*Bonus tip: Most furniture dealers are pretty knowledgeable about the furniture installation process, and can likely offer some good tips. Don't be afraid to call them up and ask for basic information about what to expect. In addition, be sure to decide on a set installation date with the delivery company so you know when it will arrive.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Once you've gutted your office of old furniture, set a delivery date, and chosen a basic theme, it's time to paint your space! Of course, this step is entirely optional, but, if you've got any damaged walls, dust, or dirt stains, now is the time to cover them up. Some favorite DIY wall decorations recently revolve around stenciled patterns. If you like to write and create, another option is a special dry-erase paint that turns any wall (or desk) into a convenient dry-erase board. Remember to search for any cool office decorating tips that would be better to do while the space is empty of furniture. Adding modern office lighting fixtures, tapestries, or ceiling decorations should be done at this point, as well as any furniture you've built for the space.

Start With Big Furniture 

Whether you've ordered your desk or cleverly built one out of an old door, by now, you should have a basic idea of where you want things to go. If you were smart about setting an installation date, there should be some extra hands around to put everything together. Installing the largest items first, like cool popular office desks, and great DIY bookcases for office storage, is most efficient. Once the big stuff is added, smaller things like lamps and paintings should be a snap! However, don't forget that this is a place of work before it is a place of style. Do some research on how modular design will maximize workplace efficiency, and try to decorate with respect to the work tasks you will be doing most often.

Remember Ergonomics

For a small space to surf the web or do annual taxes, top of the line equipment isn't always necessary. However, if this is a place where you plan to spend most of the work day, ergonomic comfort is a must. Although it's a popular notion to DIY everything, most do-it-yourselfers find it's hard to beat the efficiency and comfort of ergonomic products for office use. For the average worker sitting a desk in front of a computer, adjustable monitor arms and ergonomic seating are extremely important for health. Most devices are scientifically designed to alleviate the pain and symptoms of common office aches like arthritis, poor blood flow, back pain, and joint problems. Don't sacrifice your well-being for style.

The Final Touches

Well, the walls are painted, the furniture's in - now it's time tie everything up! For most decorators, the final touches are the favorite step because they let designers channel more of themselves into a space. Of course, in an office you have to remember the necessities, like storage features, organizers, hangers, file carts, and ergonomic accessories, but don't be afraid to pick items that mean something to you. As a DIY expert, you can paint, stitch, or bedazzle anything you set your mind to. Don't be afraid to order products from reputable office furniture brands and then decorate them to your liking. It's your space, make it yours!

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