Monday, August 18, 2014

Office All Stars: ORO Tablet Chairs by OFM

In the business world, having the right tools is essential to staying ahead of the game. A good ergonomic chair that can keep you comfortable during those long work days is perhaps the most important tool of all. Thankfully, there are awesome office chair manufacturers like OFM to  give us what we need. And that's why, today, we're highlighting one of our favorite chair models for utility and versatility. If there was ever an office chair Hall of Fame, ORO Tablet Chairs by OFM would definitely have a frame!

While all OFM chairs tend to be amazing, the ORO collection is a very specific line. Because of the optional, adjustable tablet attachments in addition to comfortable, stylish features, the ORO models have become some of the most popular office chairs available. Often, it's this chair that's the ORO spokesperson, and it's not hard at all to see why. The ORO300-CREAM designer high back chair by OFM is offered in a stunning cream colored upholstery. The chair boasts a tuck-away tablet with a slip resistant coating and an impressive 300 lb. weight capacity. A Greenguard certification for sustainability and an affordable price are just icing on the cake with this chair!

Another top reason why ORO is such a popular chair line is versatility. With four spectacular chairs available in different colors, users can choose just what they need. Most chairs like the ORO300-BLACK will offer adjustable tablets that can be tucked away when they are not needed for additional utility. This model features some impressive ergonomic features for an affordable price. Models with other specific features are also available at varying prices. This helps to ensure that there is an ORO chair for every need, adjustable to keep everyone comfortable.

Speaking of versatile comfort, we're proud to present this next chair from the OFM ORO chair series to meet your needs. While the ORO300 chairs featured above provide basic adjustable comfort for office professionals, the ORO100 chair featured here offers additional features for specific ailments. Still offering the slip-resistant tablet and Greenguard certification, this discount luxury executive chair also boasts adjustable ergonomic features designed to relieve back and neck pain. A height adjustable headrest, body bolsters, padded arms, and a 350 lb. weight capacity make this model one of the favorites!

The last model offered in the ORO series by OFM is the ORO200 model. This professional chair for sale boasts the highest weight capacity of all, an amazing 400 lbs. While it still maintains the uniform style of the other ORO chairs, this model exhibits the line's high end styling most of all. In addition to the Greenguard certification, beautiful upholstery, and convenient tablet, the ORO200 chair offers popular big and tall chair stylings to make an impression. Black bonded leather covers tufted seats for a sit that's as comfortable as it is stylish!

To sum things up, it's no secret that the OFM ORO series of office chairs is a workplace favorite. It's a line for individuals of varying tastes, budgets, and comfort needs. Featuring luxury style and utilitarian features, ORO chairs both useful and stunning. Greenguard certification denotes sustainable manufacture as well. Enjoy this series today at affordable prices from a reputable office chair dealer and turn your home or business office into a place you'll never want to leave!

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