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Office Chair Reviews: Obus Ultraforme Seating by Global

Obus Ultraforme Series by Global

In the world of office furniture, Global Total Office is renowned for their chairs. With everything from stylish sofa chairs for guests to high end ergonomic chairs for executives, this manufacturer has definitely made the Office Design Hall of Fame (and they've got the awards to back it up!) As if we didn't need another reason to love Global though, they just gave us one. In today's article, we highlight all the aspects of their doctor designed, clinically constructed Obus Ultraforme chair series. Enjoy!

Obus Ultraforme Series by Global Style

At first glance, many of the Obus Ultraforme chairs look a little… alien. With elongated features and strange fabric patterns, models like the 5440-3 High Back Obus Ultraforme chair by Global aren't exactly the first thing visitors expect from a fancy executive workplace. But don't turn away just yet! The strange curves have a special purpose that makes the Ultraforme series one of the best in ergonomic innovation. Designed by doctors, this chair is equipped with everything users need to alleviate office-related back pain. If the colors don't appeal to you, no worries. This chair collection is outfitted with Global's signature array of color choices to better match decor. How's that for workplace versatility?

Obus Ultraforme Series by Global

We've already addressed the superior ergonomic health benefits of this series, but now it's time to dive deeper. Anyone on the lookout for the perfect clinical chair to improve health has come to the right place. With doctors behind the design wheel, Obus Ultraforme models like the 5441LM-1 are outfitted with the very latest in healthful ergonomic technology. Many of the chairs in this series boast features targeted to address specific office health problems. Most models are reportedly able to reduce back and neck pain, fatigue, headaches, and discomfort. In turn, the chairs have been constructed to encourage proper body alignment and good blood flow. From it's clinically contoured back to reduce strain, to the synchronized glider mechanism, the Obus Ultraforme chairs make some of the best ergonomic seating for sale today.

Obus Ultraforme Series by Global
Features and Health Benefits

* Most of the chairs in the Obus Ultraforme Seating Series by Global boast similar ergonomic mechanisms to improve health through comfort. Here are some of the most common:

Synchronized glider mechanism to improve blood flow
Mesh inserts to reduce buildup of heat and sweat on user
Doctor design, clinically proven to reduce back and neck pain, headaches, and fatigue
Moller back support for full spinal support and natural alignment
Less compression on veins for improved circulation
Designed to decrease stress on lower back muscles
Multiple highly adjustable features
Obus Ultraforme Series by Global

Unfortunately, all these high end health features have a cost, and the Obus Ultraforme series is not the most affordable on the market. Because of their extensive adjustable features, and doctor approved engineering, Ultraforme chairs can range from a little above average (around the $600s) to expensive. However, shoppers must remember that even for these price ranges it is difficult to come by a chair that pulls out all the stops as the Ultraforme does. Competitor office furniture brands are always squirming in their seats around Global Total Office, and the reason why is simple - they can't compete. A brand that truly cares about the health and well being of customers is hard to come by, and that is why Global is such a favorite. Rest assured that Ultraforme chairs are well worth their price tags!


Four chairs are available with the Ultraforme label, each with high tech features to reflect their varying prices. Perfect for interior designers, this is a series of customizable chairs with color choices to wow the eyes. Ideally, they are perfect for the executive office, conference room, or even home and business use. For doctor designed comfort, clinically proven health benefits, highly adjustable features, and customizable style, we give the Obus Ultraforme chairs by Global five stars! If unique looks and prescription design are on your list, this series is right up your alley!

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