Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Office Design: Traditional Work Spaces with High End Appeal

It's great to appreciate the modern look, but vintage is always in style! In a world where "what's hot" can change by the hour, falling into yesterday's news with old furniture and technology is a fate many businesses fall into. This is probably why smart business owners choose the classic look for their office, knowing that the good old stuff will never fade away. If you're seeking to outfit your workplace with an everlasting antique style (without the antique price), today's article is for you. Here's our favorite traditional workspaces with vintage style. Enjoy!


Mayline Sorrento Collection Desk

For that office where the comfort of guests comes first, nothing is better than that classic homey look. In places like psychiatric offices where clients often feel vulnerable, the homestyle look gives just the right old-school feeling, which is why we recommend the Sorrento for this category. Resembling more of a visit to grandpa's house than a corporate organization, the Sorrento collection by Mayline gives visitors a warmer sense of comfort that steel and glass just cannot deliver. With an undemanding antique style, Sorrento furniture lets guests enjoy a space without feeling pretentious. The bookcases, tables, and modular desks in this series are often close to the ground or out of the way against walls. Their subtle modern arrangements let users work efficiently while the classic design demands no rush.

Versatile Vintage

Ventnor Collection by Offices to Go

Looking to outfit the whole office on a budget? Then our next collection is definitely for you. One of the biggest draws for modern office furniture collections is versatility. Thankfully, with this series, users can enjoy tasteful retro styling without sacrificing utility. The Ventnor Collection by Offices To Go offers vintage style furniture, desks, tables, bookshelves, and pedestals for every office environment. Shoppers can choose furniture individually, or by furniture set to better meet their specific needs. Most commonly featured in a Cordovan finish, items are also offered in Toffee color for added versatility. Both offer exquisite classical styling to any workplace for prices that are hard to hate!


For anyone shopping classic office furniture for sale, it never hurts to look at Cherryman Industries products. This is a brand that's known for excellent furniture, with some collections always on the cutting edge of modern style, and some collections with furniture out of the past. If dazzling elegance is what you're seeking, the Cherryman Emerald Collection is a top-shelf choice. With fine craftsmanship and detailed engineering, Emerald furniture is good enough for a palace. Best of all, Cherryman has completed this collection with desks, conference tables, small meeting tables, bookcases, and storage cabinets. Outfit the whole workplace in elegance at an affordable price.

Warm and Welcoming

Mayline Mira office collection

Offices are not usually the first place a person thinks of as warm and welcoming. In fact, most individuals view modern workplaces as cold, industrial places. Glass and metal can be stylish, but the last thing business owners want guests to see their company as is expressionless. Thankfully, with the Mayline executive office components from the Mira collection, that perception ends today! Rather than frigid steel, this traditional style office furniture features top grade North American wood veneer finished in the buyer's choice of dark espresso, or a rich medium cherry. Both choices create a warm, comfortable appeal that guests are sure to appreciate. As if that weren't enough, Mayline offers plenty of versatile desks, tables, and storage accessories to dress up the whole office in affordable antique style.

Professional Luxury

Cherryman Ruby Collection

One thing traditional offices always managed to convey was luxury. From swanky black leather executive chairs, to fine crafted bookshelves, classic workplaces never looked so good. Anyone seeking to outfit their office in this style ought to leave the matter to Cherryman! Just like the Emerald collection above, their Ruby office furniture series is a gem. The collection is riddled with large modular workstations in a professionally crafted classical style. Supported by bookshelves, conference tables, and accent furniture, Cherryman has outdone itself in creating a beautiful office furniture series  at a budget-friendly price.

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