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The Best of Contract Magazine's "Best Of NeoCon" Furniture Winners

Almost two months ago, the whole business world was abuzz with talk about the biggest exposition for corporate leaders this year - NeoCon 2014! Naturally, it was both hosted and attended by some of the biggest names in the industry back on June 9-11. For anyone that couldn't make it, Contract Magazine's 25th Annual "Best Of NeoCon" showcasing their picks for the winners was the next best thing! Out of several categories, eighty-four worthy champions made the grade this year. So, for today's article, we thought we'd showcase our picks for the best of "Best of NeoCon,"so you'll knowwhat to expect for the future of high end office furniture and business design. Enjoy!

Snowsound Acoustic Panels by Atlantic Inc.
Award: Silver | Category: Architectural Products

It's no secret that open office design has become a huge hit with the modern business place. Unfortunately, sometimes breaking down the barriers makes a lot of noise. All those coworkers talking and sharing the free flowing ideas that make a business grow can be a huge distraction for those working on solo projects (that also make the business grow). That's why we chose Snowsound as one of our favorite "Best of NeoCon" picks by Contract Magazine. These walls stylishly swallow sound frequencies ranging from high to low. Thin, light, flame repelling, and environmentally cool, Snowsound panels cleverly keep the lid on noise in both educational and all manner of public places!

Lite Wall by Teknion
Award: Gold | Category: Moveable Walls

Unfortunately, sound is not the only source of distraction for soloists working in a crowded office space. Watching swarms of coworkers rushing about can also be a visual braincrusher. In order to maximize productivity in the workplace and reduce office distractions, Teknion has produced the Lite Wall. Using magnets to connect, Lite Wall provides a series of easily reconfigurable screens to act as buffers in offices without barriers. Offered in various heights, these versatile screens accommodate all sorts of office work styles. *(Another of our favorites that accomplishes much the same thing are the interchangeable, adjustable work screens - Veil, by Inscape. They took home the Gold Award in Office Accessories for being excellent visual and acoustical barriers for individuals in open office configurations.)

Hive by PalmerHamilton
Award: Silver | Category: Education Solutions

Hive by PalmerHamilton is another excellent way to stitch up the barriers between focused work in an open office plan. Before Hive by PalmerHamilton, modular workstations to improve efficiency had never been so advanced. By making use of flexible modular seating, Hive workplace furniture configurations provide semi-secluded areas for relaxation, focused work, group work, teaching, and idea sharing. With these cleverly designed modular workstations for office use, all the bases of business collaboration through a seamless stitch of the problems between focused work and open office planning.

GO JUICE by PalmerHamilton
Award: Gold | Category: Education Solutions

We all know the feeling. You're sitting at your desk with no problems at all when BLAM! You get the dreaded "20% Battery remaining" alert on a needed device. You're then stuck with a dilemma: Which work device will you sacrifice in order to charge the dying one? Well, with GO JUICE by PalmerHamilton, the answer is none! The GO JUICE system provides another addition to the list of smart ergonomic products for work that every office must have around. Set on wheels, this compact charging station provides reliable power for dying tech devices without the owner having to travel halfway across the office. Just watch for when the bright blue light on the table turns red to know when it's time to replace the battery.

Stir Kinetic Desk by Stir 
Award: Gold | Category: Technology-Integrated Solutions

Most of us have heard the rumors that healthy height adjustable desks are some of the best ways to improve workplace health. Studies have shown that standing at the desk not only helps relieve office back pain, improve digestion and blood flow, and tone the physique. Now, with the Stir Kinetic Desk, users can get the job done while also monitoring their health! This height adjustable desk provides a touchscreen that lets users adjust their desk with the tap of a finger. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a clean, single cord system allows makes this product the king of high tech office desks for business. As an added bonus, the desk also keeps track of calories burned, sit-time versus stand-time, and so much more!

Lustre Light by ESI Ergonomic Solutions
Award: Gold | Category: Task/Desktop Lighting

For those of you out there who fell in love with the Dual Purpose Solstice Lamp by ESI, here comes the next best thing! Like it's older sibling, the Lustre Light by ESI definitely lives up to fan standards. It provides exquisite home and business office lighting as well as a USB charger. A telescopic head and arm with a bonus occupancy sensor make this newest addition from ESI a must have to maximize office efficiency.

Kalyde Lounge Furniture by Safco
Award: Silver | Category: Lounge Furniture Collections

From a company known for high tech ergonomic desks and furniture, a series of stunning lounge furniture was the last thing anyone would have expected from Safco at this year's NeoCon. But the fact that their Kalyde Lounge Furniture Series took home the Silver is just a testament to this brand's amazing design versatility! Adding any office products by Safco to a workspace is never a bad decision, but keep your eyes peeled for the Kalyde series when designing a new office. Perfect for guests and employees alike, the Kalyde provides ideal seating for open office applications. Fill any empty spaces with this stylish furniture to create an excellent space where workers can relax, brainstorm, or do some quiet solo work.

go! by Clarus Glassboards
Award: Innovation | Category: Collaborative Collections

Ever since the invention of dry-erase technology, whiteboards have been the stars of corporate collaboration! They provide a convenient, paperless conduit towards the spread of ideas to promote business and teamwork among coworkers. go! by Clarus Glassboards takes this revolutionary idea to a whole new level with glass whiteboards that cater towards creative interior designs. go! nests, rests, and gangs tother for maximum workplace versatility. Mounted on wheels, the glass walls provide super efficient collaborative presentation boards for teams to dry-erase to their heart's content. A multitude of colors and printed design are available from Clarus Glassboards to meet all a wide array of interior decor needs.

Mimeo Chair by Allsteel
Award: Silver | Category: Ergonomic Desk/Task

Every modern business place needs ergonomic technology to maximize productivity. And what better way to do it than with the chairs we sit in all day! Great brands like RFM and Global Total Office initiated the rise of smart response ergonomic chairs. This year, the Mimeo takes home the silver! With a responsive Intelliform back, this chair keeps constant contact with the user for maximum support and comfort. It adds yet another gem to the growing list of pain reliving office chairs to improve health!

Seeyond Dynamic Lighting by Seeyond Architectural Solutions
Award: Sliver | Category: Decorative Lighting

We wrap things up with a final light show to the best of 2014's NeoCon! For any office interior designer in search of the next biggest thing, nothing is more eye-catching than the series of Dynamic Lighting Fixtures by Seeyond Architectural Solutions. This company is so revolutionary it took home two of Contract Magazine's "Best Of NeoCon" Awards, (the other going to Seeyond Branded Facing for lighted advertising). These high tech office lighting fixtures are built to impress. It offers LED, smooth color gradients, Wi-Fi enabling, DMX, and the ability to show animated scenes. Sound integration also lets these light fixtures sync and change with music or ambient noise. If the movies are anything to go by, the age of science fiction has arrived with Seeyond!

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