Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cool Design Tips for Desk and Cubicle Makeover Projects

These days, it seems like just about everyone is redesigning their workspace. With all the uniformity that surrounds cubicles and open desking, it's only natural to want to personalize your space and show off some individuality. But, just because it's your cubicle doesn't mean it's your space. Office design in a public work environment definitely has some dos and don'ts. In today's article, we'll be providing some professional office decorating tips to help you stand confidently in both the personal and professional aspects of your workspace. Enjoy!

Know Your Limits

Every business has it's expectations, both of employees, clients, and of how everyone should behave. Sure, it may seem fun at first to deck out your workspace in jellybeans and snicker doodles so it looks like something out of Candyland, but how will your clients and coworkers see that? For a Pediatric office where the clients are kids, Candyland might be perfect, but for a white collar corporate office? Not so much. Knowing the expectations of your business will help you be a better judge of what you can get away with in decorating, and if you're not sure about something, ask. At a casual modern office, Candyland might be great! But around professional executive desk spaces, a few photos of the family may be all that's allowed.

Expand Your Horizons

Once you've determined the limits to which you can decorate, it's time to expand some horizons! Nowadays, all the coolest modern cubicles for sale typically have windows or wall-less designs, so employees don't feel as claustrophobic. However, wallpapering has still become a major trend for those stuck in the classic cubicle models. Adding cool art, scenery, or papers to cubicle walls help them disappear. Remember that too much visual input can cause headaches and eye strain, so try not to go too overboard. If your company won't let you deface the walls (or if you don't have any), try changing your computer's desktop background. It's a great way to express your personal style, and sail away to virtual destinations!

Be Utilitarian

Even as cool as that cubicle pictured above is, it's probably a pain to work around. Most single person offices and cubicles are pretty tight on space, so having flamboyant accessories and office furniture without purpose is not the best idea. When making over your space, choose furniture wisely. Look for  useful ergonomic office products that are compact and stylish, but will still get the job done. Adjustable monitor arms, CPU holders, and affordable office shelving will help save tons of space. After all, if you're decorating anyway, why not dress up the gadgets too?

Be Professional

Decorating is lots of fun, but that also makes it easy to get carried away. Too much wallpaper, sequins, accessories, fabric, and other stuff can be very distracting to clients and visitors. When designing, keep in mind the purpose of your company. Review the rules for behavior and the ideals the company was founded on, then try to incorporate those things into your workspace decor. The place you work is always a place of business first, so don't choose make any design choices that might clash with the theme and decor your office has already set up. Being conscientious about how you decorate with respect to the company is a great way to earn brownie brownie points, both with the boss and the business alike!

Be Yourself

Even if we always have to work around the needs of our workplace, never forget the true purpose for why you decorate. Whether you're permitted to completely bedazzle your desk, or even if you're only allowed a few photos and a mug, the ultimate goal is always to create a space you can feel more comfortable in. For most of us, the office is home away from home, so it's important to make things feel that way. Many businesses are hipping up to the fact that employees work better when they feel more comfortable. Little things like desk plants and small bowl fish can help relax employees and improve workplace health. Do what it takes to create your sanctuary without going too far. In the end, the modular workstations for office use will no longer be desks. They'll be characters!

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