Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What's Hot: Mayline Medina Furniture

Looking for the perfect blend of past and future to draw the eye in your office? Well, you're not alone. Lots of office interior designers and business owners are looking for ways to preserve the refined charm of classical furniture, and spin it with a modern twist. The task is always a hard one, but thankfully, Mayline has done it again! This reputable office furniture manufacturer specializes in affordable office products to make life in the cubicle easier. And with their new collection of stunning Medina tables, chairs, and accessories, the office life couldn't get any sweeter!

Mayline Gray Steel Desk
Just about every office begins and ends with appealing modern office desks, and Mayline certainly has them. From a brand renowned for producing professional office casegoods, it's no surprise to find that affordable Medina desks for sale are at the top of their class. As the newest options on the market, Medina desks and tables are the pinnacle of modern design. Each furniture piece comes in three stunning style options, including an eye-catching mahogany, a rich mocha, or a streaked gray steel finish. Desks are offered in multiple configurations, styles, and sizes to bring modular utility to the workplace. Add them in any office to enhance workplace versatility and appeal to stay ahead of the game!

Mayline Mahogany Conference TableIn addition to stunning modern desks, the Medina collection also offers spectacular discount modular conference tables to outfit the whole workplace in a great uniform style. Conference furniture by Mayline is known for being well-made, but when combined with the cool modern professionalism of the Medina line, the results are outstanding! Tables like the Medina 120" modern conference table are accommodating, stylish, and very affordable compared to competitor options. Some models even include optional power outlets for high tech applications!

Mayline Mocha Wall Cabinet
With a unique, head-turning style that can be found no place else, it's only natural that Mayline would have enough foresight to make a whole series from the Medina look. Rather than just a simple collection of desks and tables to dress up the workplace, Medina also includes a huge host of accent furniture pieces to make any interior designer swoon. With excellent office storage features like desk pedestals for organization, large and small bookcases, lateral filing cabinets, and big affordable storage cabinets, the Mayline Medina series is definitely one of the most well-rounded lines on the market. Don't be afraid to do a total office makeover with this transformative collection!

Mayline Mocha Desk
The versatility of Mayline furniture is one of the most fantastic features of the Medina line. With all the accessories mentioned above, a total office makeover is definitely not impossible. Office interior designers everywhere are looking for cool office furniture with style that's both professional and appealing enough to get the right response from clients and visitors. Medina does all of these things and more, offering a vast array of furniture to meet all your business needs, with optional tech accessories to sweeten the deal. This kind of versatility is hard to find in competing brands, making the Medina line a diamond in the rough of furniture collections!

Mayline Mahogany Wall Cabinet
And lastly, it's time to discuss one of the most important features of any office furniture line - affordability! We've already mentioned several times that the Medina series is very affordable when compared with competing furniture brands of the same quality. Smaller desks are some of the most affordable on the market, and conference tables are offered at prices to make other brands fume! Larger desks and modular furniture configurations are a bit pricier, but still offered at extreme discounts that competitors just can't compete with. Well made, stylish, versatile, useful, and affordable - the Medina line is definitely an option that cannot be overlooked for an office makeover!

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