Thursday, July 17, 2014

Optimizing The Office: 5 Products for Improved Workplace Versatility

These days it's all about being versatile in the workplace. That being said, improving your office functionality and comfort will help you reach your peak performance levels. In today's article we'll highlight 5 of the hottest new products sure to boost your efficiency and effectiveness during those long days at the office!

Product 1: G20 Cloud Chair

G20 Cloud Chair

On a hunt for the latest and greatest new office chairs? Look no further! The G20 Cloud chair from Global Total Office offers the cutting edge features needed to provide customizable comfort for any user. This high tech seating solution is available in a wide variety of seat upholstery options to compliment the white mesh back and aluminum finished frame accents. The G20 Cloud combines a versatile look with the user friendly ergonomic attributes desired by modern business professionals. In our opinion, at $580.99, there's no better chair on the market.

Product 2: VariTask Table

685W Adjustable Height VariTask Desk

Most business professionals find themselves short on space. If this is the case for you, products like the 685W height adjustable VariTask desk from Mayline will help you maximize your workplace potential. If you haven't had the chance to notice, height adjustable furniture is trending in a major way this year. Unfortunately these cutting edge workstations are often quite pricey and unattainable for the average consumer. Luckily, brands like Mayline offer user friendly products like the 685W to meet any users needs and budget. This fully functional desk is ready for the needs of your ergonomic home office or business workspace.

Product 3: EDGE Dual Screen Monitor Mount

Dual Screen Monitor Mount

Dual screen monitor arms define versatility in the workplace. These user friendly products allow for limitless adjustments while simultaneously improving the rate at which you compute. Products like the EDGE series dual screen mount attach quickly and easily via your desk grommet and immediately free up desk space once once taken up by that bulky monitor stand.

Product 4: WOW Mobile Computer Station

WOW Station

Great for presentations, home computing, and business professionals on the go, the WOW series mobile computer workstation is just about as versatile as it gets! This desk on wheels is ideal for laptops and is small enough to travel with. The adjustable height design makes finding a comfortable computing level a breeze for any user. Priced at $497.40, the WOW station is an excellent value and down right cool!

Product 5: Poise Adjustable Desk Lamp

Poise Desk Lamp

Cut down on those hefty electric bills with the Poise lamp from Symmetry. This adjustable desk top lighting solution provides light where you need it without the need for power sucking overhead lights at all time. Those who work at night will love the versatile adjustment capabilities of this ergonomic lamp. Priced at $226.99, the Poise is a bit pricey for the average consumer but then again, it's not your average desk lamp!

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