Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Show Personality With Your Office Chair!

Everyone is unique - just like every office chair. Even if some seating solutions may seem a lot alike, each one possesses it's own features and characteristics to make it one of a kind. And in an office environment where uniformity can begin to blur the edges of who we are, it's a fun change to express oneself. That's why today's article is all about doing just that with your office chair! Enjoy!


Flash Furniture Blue Mesh ChairOrange office chairPurple Mesh Office Chair by Flash Furniture

Colors are one of the first and most noticeable ways to express oneself. Our favorite shades and hues can say a lot about us, and also go a long way towards improving our mindsets when we are surrounded by certain psychologically influential colors. That's why shopping colorful office chairs for sale is one of the best ways to express one's personality at the office! Of course, it's entirely impossible to determine everything about who a person is simply by their favorite color, but sometimes, just being able to let others know you like red, or blue, or green is enough! It goes a long way to giving employees a good sense of self expression and control over their environment.


Just like personality traits, features are a big part of what makes up an office chair. Sure. that vibrant orange office chair may express your personality perfectly, but if it doesn't have the right features for you, it could mean a world of discomfort at work. Perusing top quality ergonomic chairs for less is a good way to ensure you will get something comfortable at an affordable price. From there, searching product descriptions for the desired features will help you settle on the right decision. If you know more about what you want out of your chair, rather than exact features, never be afraid to call up furniture dealers and see what they recommend. Who knows? Maybe you'll hear of a cool chair brand like RFM Seating with versatile fabric chairs so you can still get the orange you always wanted!

Comfort Level

Different people have different ideas of what truly constitutes comfort. Some people like their chairs cushy, some like the seats a bit more firm, and Goldilocks likes them just right! Fortunately, there are enough chairs in the world for there to be a "just right" for everyone. With ergonomic chairs however, shoppers don't have to look for ever! With these, users can customize their own levels of comfort through adjustable features. Inflatable seats, foam seats, adjustable lumbar support, and tilt range are all common staples of the average ergonomic chair. Choosing between warm soft fabric office chairs, or breathable mesh back chairs is another way for those who are temperature sensitive to stay comfy at work!

Personal Interests

Eurotech Chakra Chair for Yoga LoversErgonomic Ball Chair for the Health Conscious Faux Zebra Upholstery Chair for Animal Lovers

As strange as it may sound, there are office chairs out there that can appeal to unique interests. Are you an eco-friendly person? Maybe super into yoga? Perhaps you're addicted to massages? Personal interests are a huge part of what makes a person who they are, so it's only natural to look for our favorite things in the stuff we buy - office chairs are no different. Manufacturers like Global Total Office seating have realized that earth friendly office products are very important to many people. In fact, those into yoga will be pleased to know that the ergonomic Eurotech Chakra Chair is geared towards their personal interests. Even massage addicts are bound to enjoy the affordable comfort of Flash Furniture's massaging office chairs. Whatever your interests are, there's bound to be a chair that fits them!

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