Monday, June 9, 2014

8 Helpful Office Tips for Ergo Newbies

 New to the world of office ergonomics?  No problem! In today's article we'll be sharing helpful tips and tricks to help any ergo newbie achieve improved comfort, versatility, and efficiency in the workplace. Enjoy!

1.) Assess Your Needs

Take the necessary time to determine your primary areas of discomfort in the workplace. This will help you attain a better understanding of your specific ergonomic needs.

2.) Talk with Professionals

Physicians and ergo specialists alike will provide helpful insight as to what products will work best for you.

3.) Not All Products Are Necessary

Adding all the best selling ergonomic office products you can find will not necessarily improve your day to day productivity. However, selecting the right few products to address your discomfort effectively will set you up for office success.

4.) Know The Essentials

When first attempting to create an ergonomic work environment, it's helpful to know the basic products needed for the job. An ergonomic chair, monitor mount, and keyboard tray are the best 3 items to start with.

5.) Adjust Regularly

Ergonomic products are made to adjust regularly. All too often, consumers purchase top of the line ergonomic chairs for a variety of office applications and never take the time to adjust them. Needless to say, this is not the best habit to form and will not help you reach your full potential.

6.) Bring Ergonomics Home

So you're forming good ergonomic habits at work, why not bring them home? If you rely on your new products for support and comfort during your day, consider adding those products to your home office. This will improve your personal comfort while helping to educate your family members on the importance of working comfortably.

7.) Reflect

Once you've assessed your needs, met with a professional and selected the necessary products for your office, it's time to reflect. Compare the difference in your workplace comfort, versatility, and productivity. Re-assess any lingering areas of discomfort and continue to improve. Further enhancing your office performance may require the addition of higher end products like ergonomic office desks that adjust or simple solutions like a foot rest.

8.) Do Your Research

Now that you've got the basics, don't be afraid to do a little research. Inquire with coworkers about what products they use for improved ergonomic support. Visit ergonomic forums online to check out the latest trends. Before you know it, you'll be an ergo genius!

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