Thursday, June 5, 2014

Go Ergo With Eurotech Chairs

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Ergonomic chairs are often regarded as the birthplace of comfort in the workplace. They provide support, adjustability, and versatility in a way that standard seating simply can't. However, to gain all the benefits of an awesome ergonomic chair, it's important to choose from a brand name that knows what they're doing, and folks, Eurotech certainly does! Here's a few incredible chairs by Eurotech to furnish up some comfort in your office.

Maze Modern Mesh Office Chair by Eurotech
First on our list, we happily give you the MT3000 Maze Series Task Chair by Eurotech to furnish your office. In this model, comfort and affordability combine to create a supremely practical chair that can fit in just about anywhere. With all the basic ergonomic functions to turn work into relaxation, this discount mesh back office chair is a favorite in both homes and businesses for both adjustability and price!

Racer Series Adjustable Task Chair by Eurotech
Ready to race, our next chair is always ahead of the pack in terms of versatility! For those that like to work fast, the FM4087 Racer Series Adjustable Task Chair by Eurotech is always a great partner. It's specifically developed to accommodate those with intense workloads and features a wide variety of ergonomic applications to accomplish this task. As a super affordable ergonomic chair (available in four great colors), this model always turns heads in the workplace. Packed to the gills in comfort, the Racer includes everything from tilt tension control, to center tilt, a waterfall seat, back height adjustment and more. Talk about fully loaded!

Eurotech Seating Bodyflex Chair
Ready for an upgrade? If your office task chair leaves you feeling less than comfortable, then it's probably time, and the 5200FPBLK Eurotech Black Bodyflex Task Chair is the perfect choice! Bodyflex Series chairs by Eurotech are known for leaving users at the highest levels of workplace luxury. While the model featured here boasts a sophisticated black upholstery, colorful models with green or orange seats are also offered. All provide plenty of great modern style and ergonomic accessories to make the chair well worth your while!

Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh Chair
Most office furniture aficionados know that of all the great ergonomic office chairs by Eurotech, the Ergohuman Series is undoubtedly a favorite. However, while models are available in high backs, mid backs, leather, and mesh upholsteries, the ME8ERGLO Ergohuman Chair is the one we celebrate today! Offered in six fabulous colors to better match decor, the ME8ERGLO Chair is super versatile. Often described as being made with the total comfort of humankind in mind, Ergohuman chairs are very comfortable and ergonomic to boot. As an added plus, they're also eco-friendly!

1701 Slider Chair by Eurotech
Next, we give you the 1701 Slider Series Ergonomic Chair by Eurotech. Affordable and cozy, the 1701 Slider Chair offers state-of-the-art comfort with fully adjustable features for ergonomic convenience in both home and business offices. It brings an innovative slider mechanism, ratchet back, fully articulating seat and back, pneumatic height adjustment, and a whole host of other features to the party. It's a low price ergonomic office chair that's a already a major favorite of users.

Eurotech Seating Zyco Guest Chair
Speaking of favorites, we said we'd help you furnish your whole office and we meant it. That's why we're showcasing one of the top picks for office guest seating, the VE6230 Zyco Guest Chair by Eurotech. For a low price, office remodelers everywhere have benefitted from these stylish little chairs. Not only do they feature a professional black leather upholstery to bring luxury to users, they also boast a sophisticated design with a sled base that's perfect for lobbies and reception areas too!

Eurotech Flip Series Chair
And finally, we leave you with a chair that's perfect for an office that's tight on space. The NT5000ARM Flip Training Chair by Eurotech is a popular choice for libraries, classrooms, training rooms, and educational facilities alike. This model is available with or without armrests for convenience, but the real plus is the space saving features. Flip chairs allow users to flip up the seats so that chairs can nest against on another, drastically reducing the space needed to house them. Store them in corners, closets, or any nook and cranny they will fit into!

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