Monday, June 30, 2014

Cool in the Conference Room: Inspiring Modular Meeting Areas

With all the budget cuts businesses are having to make these days, there's no better time to choose modular conference furniture for your office. With expandability, reconfigurable designs, and amazing style, modular tables allow a conference room to become so much more. Never before could one space be a conference area, boardroom, break room, or training area, but stylish modular tables have opened these doors. We hope these classy modern meeting areas will inspire you!


Style: Almost limitless. Global bungee tables come in a huge array of finish options for users to pick from. We recommend stylish mid back office chairs, either in a slightly lighter coloring for a darker table, or a slightly darker coloring for those that choose a lighter table finish. The results won't disappoint!

Modular Design: The first tables on our list are the incredible Bungee tables by Global Total Office. Although seen here with a light colored top design, the BXK132S Global Bungee conference tables are truly the kings of versatility. Offered in three sizes to meet the different space needs of every office, these tables fit the "modular" bill by always staying just the right size to get things done. Shoppers can make their choice of and eleven foot, thirteen foot, or fifteen foot set. Best of all, these stylish freestanding tables come with bungee cords for redesigning! They're easily reconfigurable modular conference tables that will always turn heads in the workplace.


Style: The high tech modern look might be the only option to go with the cool style of the 55118-GRAPHITE contemporary metal conference table by OFM. The graphite look is best matched with lots of gray, black, and white, and a few bright highlight colors to draw the eye (like the way the red office chairs work in the photo). Futuristic modern lighting with glass and chrome accents will provide a modern appeal to last the century. Mid or high back chairs that offer a splash of color look best with this table.

Modular Design: The durable OFM Graphite Conference Table is a tough match to beat. Exuding contemporary style, it always looks great in any room it graces. With a decent sized top, capable of seating up to eight individuals comfortably, and "quick connect" technology to make set up a snap, this table has everything a designer could ever ask for.  Grommet holes in the tabletop make for a conference table that is easy to power in case guests need to make a presentation or use electronics. Adjustable leveling glides compensate for any flaws in the room's flooring.

Easy Reconfiguring

Style: Highly varied. These tables are offered in the same array of colors as the Global Bungee set. Also offered in many layouts, with the ConnecTABLES A style featured here, we recommend high back mesh chairs. Patterned fabric chairs will add more of a visual dynamic, since the table itself offers only the limited visual versatility of wood grain. Glass accents will add a certain sense of class for conference rooms.

Modular Design: Offered in the same astounding array of colors as the Global Bungee set, Global ConnecTABLES never lack for versatility of design. Although reconfigurable, Global does offer these tables in dynamic patterns to set off the uniqueness of an office. Leg styles and casters for mobility are optional. This highly adjustable conference table configuration is a snap to set up and reconfigure, making it the ideal affordable option for an active workplace, training room, conference room, or meeting area.

Space Saving

Style: Featured here in a stunning mahogany finish, Mayline Flip N Go Tables look best with splashes of color and matching wood furniture. It is also offered in a gray folkstone laminate for a more utilitarian look.

Modular Design: Although it may not be the sightliest setup on our list, the Mayline Flip N Go series does offer outstanding functionality for the office. The Mayline FLIP2 conference table set includes all the right materials for reconfiguring tables to best suit the needs of each individual office. Best of all, when not in use, these modular nesting conference tables fold up against one another for easy, convenient storage. Mayline offers a diverse array of Flip N Go tables to form almost any configuration you can imagine to maximize your office workspace.

Room For Growth

Style: The Cherryman AM-410N is certainly a looker. Although featured here with the light maple finish, this model is also offered in black cherry, cherry, and mahogany too. Because the size is alterable, it is hard to recommend a specific chair style. We recommend users take their pick of high or low back mesh chairs with a contrasting color to the tabletop for best visual results.

Modular Design: One of the best features of an expandable modular conference table is that they never have to look empty. By adjusting to house varied numbers of individuals, tables like the AM-410N Cherryman conference table always appear classy. The convenience offered by this adjustable office table is part of what makes it such a favorite among popular modular conference tables for sale on the market today!

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