Thursday, June 19, 2014

Office Lobby Showcase: Contemporary Spaces That Will Blow Your Mind

Every designer needs inspiration, and what better place is there to look than fellow artists? For anyone preparing to makeover a lobby, guest, or office reception area, you've come to the right place. In today's article, we'll be highlighting some of the most spectacular office lobby interiors we could find (and we'll even throw in a few tips about what makes them so functional despite the snazzy looks). Enjoy!

Small Office Lobby

The first lobby in our lineup is the perfect inspiration for an office on a budget. It includes everything the average office reception area would need, while also going the extra mile. Despite the minimalist design of this small office space, guests still have plenty to look at. With gorgeous rustic brick walls, affordable modern reception furniture, and a spectacular color palette consisting of blues, grays, and bright greens to give life to the neutrals, this space is a work of art in itself. For entertainment, the guests can read from magazines on the table or watch television until their names are called. With the addition of the THEWHO-LC-8300 metal lounge chair by Woodstock, the office provides a hint of the modern to balance it's homey charm!

Restaurant Inspired Office Lobby

This net lobby is one that takes a slightly different approach to seating, but it's one that definitely works. With spectacular office lighting, an open bar, and clusters of reception lounge chairs for lobby use, this office space feels much more like restaurant for fine dining than a waiting room, but the approach definitely works. Seating makes use of space efficiently, and allows small groups of guests to stay together and talk for entertainment. The way this place is set up, we expect guests wouldn't be surprised to find waiters passing around hors d'oeuvres. 

Circular Office Lobby

Experienced designers will definitely notice the effect of great space planning on this little number, and boy does the look work! In an open office, designers have solved the lack-of-wall problem by creating imaginary borders with curtains. A circular design gives guests a sense of ownership over their space, and provides them with a sense of homey security will also incorporating modern design. A unique assortment of versatile office guest chairs and sofas provides seating for everyone. Strategically placed end tables for office reception provide visitors a place to set purses, laptops, and magazines, while the gorgeous lighting, color palette, and entertainment system occupies guests who bring only their eyes.

Geometric Office Lobby

Another classic example of a lobby with plenty to look at, this one relies on color and architecture to entertain the visual interests of its guests. A clever blend of warm reds, oranges, purples, and bright blues to balance them all provides a rainbow of interests for it's viewers. In addition to the high walls, spaciousness, and the skylight, visitors will feel limitless in this stunning space. All lit up by a few affordable office lighting fixtures, it's the ideal setup for a large office space. 

Organic Office Lobby

A rising theme in the interior design world is definitely the use of organic shapes, and for office lobbies and reception areas, few shapes are better than curves. Large lobbies with confusing floor plans like the one above will benefit greatly from the use of curves in design because curves can mold and move to fit the shape of a room. In this office, because the room is so long, curved reception and welcome desks were the perfect choice, especially since the rounded design allows the receptionist to greet users from multiple directions rather than from just one. With clusters of office chairs, tables, and even kid's corner included, all the needs of guests are met, not just with functionality, but also with incredible style!

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